Great Drugstore Finds!

This is a list, in no particular order, of great products that can be found at the drugstore and are much cheaper than a lot of other higher end brand names. All of the brands I have listed can be found in your local drugstore like CVS, Walgreens,Walmart and Target. To the side, I have written my opinions of all these products.


This mascara has a great, huge wand with nice bristles. It makes your lashes look just as thick and long as almost any high priced mascara. It is definitely my first choice for a drugstore mascara.


Although I'm not a particular fan of brushes with plastic bristles, this mascara is definitely the exception, which is why it is on my favorites for drug store finds. The bristles really defines each lash so there is no clumping. However, I have found that I have to apply a lot of coats to get a more dramatic or thicker look. However, this is a great mascara.



I really love this eyeliner. The promise on the back of the package says it will intensify or brighten the color of your eyes. The promise is definitely true. When you put it on, you do notice that your eyes seem somewhat more intense or brighter. I really love this in their shade dark brown because I have green eyes (dark brown looks great on green and blue eyes)


 These gel liners are pretty comparable to the mac gel liners, although they do not last quite as long throughout the day and you might have to do a little touch up. Other than that, they are a great alternative to the M.A.C or more expensive brand gel liners. The liner even comes with a pretty good brush which is nice for those who do not want to go out and buy an expensive eyeliner brush. These gel liners are really pigmented and come out very nice and smooth.


SONIA KASHUK EYESHADOW QUAD (only found in Target stores)

Where do I begin with this quad? First of all, if you love shimmery eyeshadows you will LOVE this because they have a classy hint of shimmer, not a "I want to look like Kesha" tacky type of glitter. (sorry Kesha!) These look beautiful alone or on top of darker matte shadows for going out. They really catch the light and are just gorgeous. The quads come in multiple colors, but I have the one that is pictured. Everyone should get their hands on this product!


These are highly pigmented eyeshadow duos that are really comparable to the M.A.C shadows. They go on beautifully to the skin and really stand out. They come in multiple colors. I have the duo "saucy" which are the colors pictured to the left.



Oh, what a joy these lipsticks are! They go on sooooo creamy and are beautiful on the lips. They don't stick to the lips throughout the day as well as I would like however, so you will definitely need to reapply them after drinking or eating. Every color is wonderful but my favorite colors at the moment are a coral color which is called "Peach" (coral is a VERY popular color for this spring) and a nude-pink color called "rose petal" The packaging of these lipsticks is also very impressive for a drugstore brand and look a lot like the M.A.C ones.


These also go on really well---smooth and creamy. They're staying power is slightly better than the Revlon, I would say. However, they're packaging is less professional looking. They smell really great though! I have two, one in the color "red revival" and another beautiful nude-pink color in "luminous lilac" that I highly recommend.



This is a beautiful and super-moisturizing chapstick for the summer! I like this one better than the original because it gives your lips that little boost of shimmer to make them look healthy and beautiful. 


Ok, so this one is even more moisturizing and luscious than even the Nivea one above. It comes in many different colors that will give you a lovely hint of color to the lips. This is definitely my favorite drugstore lipbalm ever.



This is by FAR the best, best, BEST drugstore foundation I have ever used in my entire life. It comes in a zillion different colors, so matching your color is not a problem. I'd recommend finding out what specific skin tone you are from a makeup artist (like in Sephora) and then researching to find out what color of the Revlon foundation will suit your skin best. (for example, my skin tone is NC 24 so thats the color Sandy Beige in the Revlon color) I recommend doing this because you can't just pop open the bottles in the drugstore and be like "hmmm, which one do I like best?" like you can in higher end stores. This foundation goes on really smooth and looks very natural and flawless. It is 1 fluid ounce and really comparable to the M.A.C fluid foundation but it doesn't break you out like a lot of M.A.C foundations tend to do. When blending this in to the skin, I would recommend using a beauty blender (you can find them in Target) or just use a brush and blend really quickly (or it tends to dry a little faster than preferable)



Again, a really incredible product for the price. This concealer is great because it does not look shiny or caky in photographs...thus the name "photoready" You can pile on as much as you want and it will never look caky at all which is wonderful. So no matter how bad your dark circles, it can be fixed by this little miracle stick. When choosing a concealer, you should always go 2 shades lighter than your skin tone (that you use for foundations) Any lighter, and you'll look like a raccoon, any darker, it wont brighten your under eyes. This is also great as a base for the lids before you put on eyeshadow.

Hope this review helped for your next drugstore adventure! Comment below to tell me YOUR favorite drugstore items or comment on the ones I have listed above!