Make Your Own Brush Holder!

What you will need to make your own makeup brush holder:
- A glass/plastic circular or square vase (make sure its not too tall but deep enough for brushes to peek over the top)
- stickers (any kind and any design, I chose flowers)
- alphabet stickers (to write your name on it...this is optional)
- fake diamonds (with adhesive on the back)
- bean bag fill (or any rock like material that is very small)
All of these items can be found at Michael's, Dollar Store, or any craft stores near you.

I got the idea to make this from looking at the way Sephora displayed their brushes. It's easier to grab a brush this way and makes choosing one faster. Also, it keeps the brush head cleaner. I added the stickers and fake diamonds to make it look more fun and cute and personalize it.