Acne Lemon Juice Cure!

When life gives you lemons....use it to treat your acne!

Lemon is a natural and great way to treat/cure your acne problems. Lemon juice has citric or hydroxy acids in it that cleanse deep into blocked pores and eliminate dead skin cells that enable new skin to grow. 

When I heard about using lemon juice as a treatment for acne, I was like "psh, no way!" However, since I have suffered acne problems since about the 4th grade, I was willing to give it a try. I have to say that I was  pleasantly surprised because my acne was dramatically lessened even from one nights use! I mean, I have tried pretty much every acne product in the universe ranging from the cheapest drug store products to the most expensive behind the counter products, so using something as simple as lemon juice with great results was pretty shocking to me.

Anyways, this is how you do this treatment...its really easy and effective, enjoy!

1.) cleanse your face with any gentle cleanser 
2.) pat skin dry with towel 
3.) soak/squirt lemon juice onto a cotton pad (you can squeeze the lemons fresh yourself, but an easier way to do this is to buy lemon juice in a bottle from the grocery store)
4.) apply lemon juice to face with your cotton pad
5.) let juice sit on your face for about 5 minutes (if your skin is sensitive and the citric acid in the lemon creates a burning feeling, then dilute the juice with a bit of water on the cotton pad, or wash of face before the 5 minutes is up)
6.) rinse face with water 

Note: I would not recommend doing this treatment every day because the acid can be pretty strong...I would do this every other day at the most  =]

This is what the lemon juice bottle looked like that I bought from the grocery store