Playful/Cute Trend! Mustache Rings!

Hey dolls! =]

For quite some time now, I have seen the funny and popular "mustache" trend pretty much everywhere... from t-shirts even to getting mustache tattoos on your fingers! So when I saw this trend circulating, I definitely "LOLed" for a good minute...and then decided that I totally want one! 

Recently, even celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens have been seen sporting this cute and quirky fashion trend:

The particular ring that Vanessa Hudgens is wearing is the Mr. Kate Logo Knuckle Ring which is a double-finger ring. The website says that it "sits across two fingers. The Mr. Kate Logo Knuckle Ring proves fashion is still fun!"

By clicking on the image or the link above, you can buy this cute celebrity mustache ring for yourself!
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