Urban Decay Releases New, Reformulated Eyeshadows

        Urban Decay has announced its launch of their NEW and "revamped" eyeshadow line. I know, I know...big deal, right?  But oh no, these are not your typical, regular every day eyeshadows. Urban decay has completely changed EVERYTHING about their old eyeshadows, and in the process have set the bar for every cosmetic brand in general.
These incredible eyeshadows have been completely reformulated to create the softest and creamiest texture, intense and vivid color that will knock your socks off, beautiful and no-effort blendability, and long-lasting, smudgeproof and crease proof all-day and night wear. They say that the secret is their new Pigment Infusion System which has special ingredients that hold tightly to color and ensure a smooth and  beautiful finish every time. The new formula also prevents fallout which is when the eyeshadow falls off the eyelid and onto other parts of the face during the day or night. Not only that, but if you're a fan of sparkle and shimmer, this is the eyeshadow of your DREAMS. The formula makes sure that the sparkles and shimmers stay put on your lids until you choose to wash it off at night.
        But wait, it gets BETTER. Urban Decay has created 68 eyeshadow shades with this new formula that includes their "oldie but goodie" shades that everyone loves and shades that were previously only available in their popular "Naked" and "Naked 2" Palettes. So now consumers can pick and choose which shades they like the most instead of buying the full palettes. There are also five different finishes to choose from, so no matter what your preference, Urban Decay has got you covered. The finishes include matte, duotone, satin, shimmer, and sparkle. 
      Last but not least, Urban Decay has even created new and improved packaging for all of their 68 shades. Their old "subway token" packaging is now sleeker and more gorgeous than ever. Better yet, the new packaging now allows consumers to "pop" the eyeshadow out of its casing and put it in your own custom palette for traveling purposes. These empty palettes have room for six eyeshadows and are made out of strong and sturdy material so you can be assured that your little babies are safe and sound during your escapades to far-off lands. You can switch out these eyeshadows as many times as you want to create new looks. The contents and packaging are also eco-friendly and Urban Decay refuses to test on animals so your purchase is guilt free and safe for the environment. 
      If you're wondering where in the world you can get these new Urban Decay eyeshadows, your out of luck. But don't fret, because although these new eyeshadows don't hit stores for awhile, they ARE selling them through select retailers online. They run out fast, so don't miss your chance!
Buy the NEW Urban Decay eyeshadows HERE:
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