Christian Louboutin Design Museum!

                                      Today I went on an adventure to shoe PARADISE.

No, literally. I walked into the room and my heart stopped, knees went weak, and my inner shoe "soul" died and went to heaven. Ok, it wasn't nearly that dramatic but lets just say that every girly particle of me was very pleased and impressed. This exhibit that was filled with all kinds of glorious shoes was the Christian Louboutin Design Museum near London Bridge along the Thames Riverfront. I found out about this gem from my good friend who happened to be staying in London at the same time as me. We both had a great time learning about the life and work of Christian Louboutin and admiring all of the shoes on display from his past and current collections. 

Thoughts on the museum:


  • large showroom filled with beautiful, finely crafted and interesting shoes
  • quotes from Louboutin's life written on the walls gave the room character 
  • small room with timeline and history of his personal life, work and inspiration
  • 3D mini Burlesque show (corny but cute and highlighted theme of sexy shoes for women)
  • shoes arranged in fun and interesting ways (shoes hung from strings, lined up down a runway, etc.)
  • too expensive (10 English pounds) for the small size of the museum (only 2 floors)
  • the second floor of the museum was not very interesting and did not seem to fit in with the theme of the shoes
  • location was hard to find because it was tucked away behind little side streets
Overall the museum was amazing but I wish it would have been bigger. I think that it would have been a great idea to incorporate more designers and perhaps have a section or floor for other designer's work like Louis Vuitton or other designers who are well known for their shoes and accessories. 
My overall grade for the museum is a B+/A-

"A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk."- Christian Louboutin