Nail of the Day: Cajun Shrimp by OPI

Bonjour mes amies!

So I fully realize that as far as my blog goes for the past 2 months, I have...erm...failed. Miserably. At the beginning of this summer, I was completing my French minor on a Study Abroad trip to Cannes, France. Lets just say that the Wifi connection was not really of this century at the apartment complex where we were staying. Combine that with classes everyday and tons of homework and studying and blogging became next to impossible. After my program, I met up with my family in London and went on a short 3 day vacation to Portugal. Currently, I am back in London and am VERY excited to start an internship with DHM advertising agency in Soho which is apart of a really fun, dynamic and fashion-forward area of London. I cant wait to take the tube everyday and live the fast pace city life of London.

Anyways, my excuses end here because I am currently staying with my aunt and so I now have perfect Wifi connection and a bunch of fresh and exciting topics to talk about. =)

Today I am doing a Nail of the Day (NOTD)

Opi Cajun Shrimp NLL64

The nails I have been wearing ever since I got back to London is the color Cajun Shrimp by OPI. It is a matte coral/orange red that is perfect for this summer since coral-ly hues has been so popular. I see this color all the time on the nail-polish rack when I get my nails done and its always the first color that I am drawn towards because it is such an eye-catching and unique looking red. This also happens to be my best friend's absolute favorite color by OPI and she is always raving about it so I finally decided to gets my nails done this color. I have been wearing it now for about 4 days and it hasn't chipped yet, so I am happy about the wear of it so far. I will let you know exactly how long it wears and when it begins to chip on my next NOTD. This nail-polish retails for $8.99 but you can buy it much cheaper on websites like Amazon since it is not a color from a newer collection. OPI also sells these nail-polishes in Ulta Beauty stores, on the OPI official website, and in many nail salons.

This color has been so popular that OPI even made a gel version of this polish which is supposed to last much longer than the original polish, have a smoother and shinier finish, and protect your nails from harmful UV rays.

Again, sorry for the long absence!