Penhaligon's "Peoneve" Fragrance

Recently, I was invited to attend the VIP grand opening of Penhaligon's new fragrance, Peoneve. The event was called "The Garden Party" and was held at one of the Harvey Nichols store locations in London. Penhaligon's is a popular English perfumery in London which was established in 1870 (Victorian Era).

The theme of the party was entirely reflective of the new floral smelling fragrance, and so they had larger than life bright pink plastic flowers everywhere, metal dragonflies, beautiful arrangements of different flowers and plants and white iron grated chairs and tables to evoke the sense of being in an English garden. 
Penhaligon's Garden Party: I'm the one with the leopard print umbrella! =)

The food and drink was also garden themed as the champagne and cocktails smelled and tasted like roses and different types of fruits. They even served some of the drinks in the actual perfume bottles and sprinkled rose petals in them. They also served little mini grilled vegetables, sandwiches, and fresh strawberries with cream. All of the food and drink was incredibly fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. There were actually a lot of fashion and beauty bloggers at the event and so I enjoyed meeting them all and enjoying the great food and atmosphere.

The New Scent:
The new scent was inspired by a summer-time English garden and smells of the velvety Peony flower. I received the perfume in a gift bag when I was leaving the garden party. The scent is very, very floral smelling, so if you like flowery scents, this one is definitely for you. However, I noticed that this perfume is particularly strong for an eau-de-toilette and so I think that one spray is more than enough to last all day. Any more than that I find to be a bit overpowering. I am the type of person that prefers fruity and musky smelling scents, so this perfume wasn't really my taste. However, I found the packaging to be so adorable with its pretty pink and purple hues and the little bow adorning the feminine glass bottle. This perfume is due to release in Penhaligon's stores and online September 2012.
What are your favorite perfume scents?