Get 30% off all Inova Professional hair products!!

In my last post about my new favorite shampoo and conditioner, I discussed two wonderful products from Inova Professional that genuinely changed my hair and made it look and feel so soft, shiny, healthy and manageable.

I loved the products so much (and I really want everyone to get the chance to try them) that I emailed the company asking them if they would give the lovely readers of my blog a promo code so that they could receive a discount with their order of Inova Professional products.

Well, they responded to me and I am extremely excited to announce that they have very generously decided to give 30% off to those who use the promo code "BeautyBook" with their order. This promo code will be valid to use from 8/23-9/23.

Below is an example of the page you will see once you click on one of the products from their site, Just enter "BeautyBook" in the "Discount Codes" section and then click "Proceed to Checkout" to complete your order and receive 30% off!

An example of what your screen should look like when you type in the promo code 

I hope you enjoy their products as much as I do! =)