How to Choose the Perfect Makeup for Your Skin Tone and Hair Color!

       When choosing makeup its often hard to know what colors to choose that will best compliment your skin tone and hair color. Unfortunately, there's a billion and one products out there and also a billion and one sales people that aren't very helpful either. Difficulties.

A million makeup counters, a million products...what to choose?!

       Here is your guide and "rules of thumb" that will help you in choosing the best colors to compliment your skin tone and hair color: 

In general, concealer should be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation color. This serves to conceal the under eye area and also brighten the area to give you that awake and fresh look. However, concealer that is any lighter than I just stated will make you resemble a raccoon. 
If you have purple colored dark circles = use a yellow toned concealer
If you have green colored dark circles = use a pink toned concealer 

(explanation: yellow toned concealers cancel out purple colored under-eye circles because these two colors are across from each other on the color wheel. Pink toned concealers cancel out green colored dark circles for the same reason.)
The Color Wheel 

If you have brown hair = fill in your brows 2 shades lighter than hair color
If you have blonde hair = fill in your brows 2 shades darker than hair color
If you have red hair = fill in your brows with an auburn color and follow the rules for brown or blonde hair depending on how light or dark your hair is
In general, blush looks the best and the most natural when it is the same color as the way you naturally flush. So the color your cheeks are after you have worked out is a good indication. The undertones of your skin will also help you in choosing a blush. For example,  if you have pink undertones to your skin, you will want to go for more neutral colored blushes so that you don't look overpowered with pinkness. Also, how heavily you apply your blush also works according to skin tone. The lighter your skin is, the lighter you should be applying your blush. The darker your skin is, the heavier you can apply your blush.
If you have light skin tone = light peach and light pink blushes (cool colors) will look best on you
If you have medium skin tone = peach/coral and pink (warm and neutral colors) will look best on you
If you have dark skin tone = dark pink/rose and deep orange colors will look best on you
For eyeshadow, colors that are opposite to your eyes on the color wheel will make your eyes stand out the most. 
If you have blue or gray eyes = golds, warm browns, peach, plum eyeshadows
If you have green or hazel eyes = beige, tan, moss green, dark browns, purple, plum eyeshadows
If you have brown eyes = light blue shades, bronze, green, plum eyeshadows
Lipstick or lipgloss that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your natural lip color will compliment you the most. Simple as that.