Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation: Review

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation ($13.99) is Revlon's newest foundation that debuted this summer. Revlon claims that it is Talc and Paraben free and wears for 24 hours with a time release formula that "balances skin for a flawless look". 

I usually stay away from gimmicky looking cosmetics because they are usually really cool and amazing sounding in theory but turn out to be unrealistic and useless for the "real" world (a.k.a heated mascara wands, 1 sweep eyeshadow applicators, etc.). So, with foundation, I usually stay out of the "whipped" and "mousse" realm and stick with the usual liquid or powder. However, I absolutely love Revlon's regular Colorstay foundations for their longevity and beautiful finish and so I decided to trust in Revlon, hold its hand and take the plunge by buying this new product.   

I have to say that I am really impressed by this foundation. It feels really nice and silky when you apply it to the skin and it covers everything perfectly without being cakey or too heavy. Although it is a "whipped creme" foundation it does not really resemble or feel like a mousse at all. To the touch, it feels like a soft and extra creamy liquid foundation--like a thick whipped cream. Although the consistency is different to their liquid Colorstay foundations, once it is applied it looks just like their liquid version, but possibly even slightly better. I've found that it makes my skin look really healthy and perfect looking and the formula doesn't make me break out. This foundation is a medium to heavy coverage but you could definitely add moisturizer to thin it out for less coverage. It sets to a velvet-matte finish on the skin. 

 The longevity of this foundation is absolutely incredible. It's definitely the longest wearing foundation that I have ever used. Revlon's claim that this foundation has a time release formula "that balances skin for a flawless look" is definitely true. Normally, by the end of a long day, most foundations don't look nearly as good as they did when they were first applied that morning. But this foundation almost seems to look better the longer you wear it! I even wore this to the gym once and cycled for 45 minutes with sweat literally pouring off of me and this foundation literally did not budge one inch. So if you're the type that likes to frequent raves and clubs and dance the night away then this is the foundation for you! You go girl.

I really love the packaging of this foundation. It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a sleek black top that you turn to twist open. The packaging feels and looks substantial, heavy and luxurious like a high end brand and is very reminiscent of Chanel in its style. However, since the product is in an open glass jar, I use a stippling brush to apply this to my face because I don't want to dip my fingers again and again into the same product and spread bacteria from my fingers. 

Have you tried out this foundation yet?