C.O Bigelow All-Purpose Rose Salve: Review

Recently, I have been absolutely loving C.O Bigelow All-Purpose Rose Salve ($5.50). This product is super convenient because you can use it on any area of the body thats needs hydration. It is especially beneficial for the cuticles, lips and elbows and contains rose-extract to soothe and condition dry or cracked areas.    

The product comes in a tangerine-sized vintage tin that is reminiscent of the packaging found in an old apothecary. It has an air of charm and character that you don't usually see in packaging now a-days. I also love that it comes with a large amount of product so that I wont have to run back and forth repurchasing it all the time. 

I love to use this salve to hydrate my cuticles, lips, elbows and dry patches. I'll use a bit of the product alone on the lips or before I apply a lipstick that might be a bit drying throughout the day. I also love applying it to my lips before I go to bed at night. Another great use for this product is on dry/flaky patches of the face, especially if you are like me and use acne products that occasionally cause a bit of over-drying. Other areas of the body that dry out and crack easily like the knees or elbows are also great places to use this salve. 

With that said, although I absolutely love this product, it does seem to sit on top of the lips a bit rather than seeping deeply into them so I like to carry it on me to reapply every so often for extra moisture.

The salve itself is a pretty coral color but applies to the lips clear. The smell of the product is also absolutely DIVINE. It literally smells like they cut fresh roses and stuffed them inside the packaging. The product goes on really smoothly and feels really satisfying on the skin. 

This product retails for $5.50 and I found it at Bath and Body Works in their little mini-product bins. Overall, I think that this is a really great, convenient product and I will definitely be re-purchasing this when I run out!  

What are some of your favorite moisturizing products?