The Lorac Pro Palette: Review and Swatches

Drum roll please. 
Excitement did not even begin to describe my feelings when I first got my hands on this beautiful creation. I think that this is the more beautiful and more dynamic sister of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. There. I said it.

The Lorac Pro Palette comes with 16 gorgeous colors. The top row of 8 eyeshadows are all matte colors and the bottom row are all shimmery colors. This is great for those of us who like to mix up different eye looks with both matte and shimmer. It also leaves more room for your creative muse to run free. 

Colors from left to right: White, Cream, Taupe, Light Pink, Mauve, Sable, Expresso, Black, Nude, Champagne, Gold, Light Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

The colors are also very neatly organized from lightest to darkest in the two rows. I love that they are all given simple names (ex: white, brown, black) for quick and easy selection of color. I like that this palette is blunt, simple, and to the point. It's ultra thin, lightweight and durable for traveling while maintaining a sleek and high-end appearance. User friendly? Check.

For a comparison with the Naked Palette, the Lorac Palette has 4 more colors (the Naked Palette has 12 and the Lorac Palette has 16) Although the Naked palette has more overall grams of product per eyeshadow, I think that the Lorac Palette provides a better array of colors with more variety. For example, the Naked Palette only has 2 matte colors with the majority being shimmery. I also prefer the packaging of the Lorac Palette. It looks more professional and classy and wears better. The Lorac Palette ($42) is also a bit cheaper than the Naked Palette ($50).

Top Row: Matte Colors 

Bottom Row: Shimmery Colors 

All of the colors are of a great, high end quality. They are all extremely vivid, opaque and wear well throughout the day without creasing (especially with a base or primer underneath). My only complaint is that they are slightly powdery to the touch. At first, this concerned me because I thought that the eyeshadows might be slightly chalky and have a lot of fall-out. However, when applied to the eye, they all blend easily and beautifully and so my concerns were erased.

Swatches: Matte Colors 
(all swatched once without a base)

White, Cream, Taupe
Light Pink, Mauve, Sable
Expresso, Black
(NOTE: in the picture above, the black looks like a dark brown but it is really a deep, true black color)

Swatches: Shimmery Colors 
Nude, Champagne, Gold
Light Bronze, Pewter, Garnet
Deep Purple, Slate
 Although the quality of all the eyeshadows are excellent, the matte eyeshadows are definitely slightly powdery in comparison to the smoothness of the shimmery eyeshadows. All of the eyeshadows in this palette are stunning however and I would recommend this to anyone. This would also make a great Christmas present!

Happy Holidays! :)