Best Makeup from the Golden Globes

With a fluttering of smoked out lashes and a sexy pout to match, this Golden Globes award season was full of beautifully made up faces. However, in the sea of gorgeous movie stars, one stood out to me for the glamorous and effortless way in which she carried herself. She truly wore makeup that was a perfect fit for the luxurious event. 

With ever-so lightly grey smoked out eyes, Jennifer Lopez definitely didn't just look like a "Jenny from the block". Paired with peachy-nude lips and glowing peach cheeks to match, she looked healthy and radiant. She combined the sexy and sultry with elegance and class. The tiniest little flick of a cat eye elongated her eyes and made them look flirty and seductive. I love how she kept the whole look soft and not too overdone. 


The cherry on the sundae, though, lies in the actual brand that her makeup artist, Mary Phillips, used to achieve her look. 


Yep, from her primer and foundation to the last sweep of eyeshadow across her lids, everything on her face was none other than one of our old drugstore friends. Better yet, I scoured the internet for the exact products that her makeup artist used so that commoners like us can snatch these babies up from the drugstore. So without further ado, here is the list of products:

Which celebrities' makeup did you like the best from the Golden Globes?