DIY Candle Makeup Storage

While doing some good old fashioned spring cleaning today, I noticed that I had one too many sad, lonely used up candles with no more purpose in life. Instead of casting them to the garbage can, I decided to re-purpose them by turning the jars into homes for my many children lipsticks and makeup supplies.
This is a great way to save some cash on organization supplies (sorry Container Store) and a sleek and elegant way to display or store your makeup. 
1.) Place your old candle jar in the freezer for at least an hour or two
2.) Take your candle jar out of the freezer and place on a hard surface. Use your sharp knife to poke holes into the wax. You will see the cold wax start to fragment and break. 
3.) Make sure that you also poke holes along the outer edges of the wax touching the jar. This will help the wax to break and shard easier. 
4.) Use a spoon to scoop out the dislodged wax and throw pieces away.
5.) Use your knife or spoon to scrape off the candle wick(s) attached to the bottom of the jar.
6.) Peel sticker with product name off of the jar. 
7.) Wash your now empty jar in the dishwasher to remove the remaining wax and stains from burning. 
8.) Use your now squeaky clean jar to store your lipsticks, brushes, or everyday essentials!

Some every-day products I use. It's really convenient to just grab them from the jar! 
Some of my favorite drug-store lipsticks. I store them facing downwards so that I can easily see the colors!