DIY Eyeshadow/Blush Palette

Every eyeshadow or blush needs a home to call their own.

Many companies (MAC, Z-palettes) offer numerous storage solutions for eyeshadow and blushes. It is so simple, inexpensive and fun to make your own. Plus, you can customize them with fun designs to make them look unique and match your personality. I chose cute mustaches to cover mine but you could even add crystals and stickers for some extra excitement.
If you have trouble making your palette, there are numerous tutorials online with various different methods of putting them together.

What you will need:
Adhesive Magnetic Sheets
An old DVD case
Duct Tape (with fun designs!)
Scissors (to cut the duct tape)
Box cutters

1.) Open up your DVD case and take out the sleeve.
2.) Use your box cutters to cut around the perimeter of the section that originally held the DVD. Cut as close to the borders as possible. Make sure you place newspaper or a magazine underneath the case so that you don't damage the table underneath.
3.) Once you finish cutting out that section, you will see the see-through film that used to hold the sleeve. This will serve as a window so that you can see your eyeshadows/blushes.
4.) Cut off the plastic tabs that used to hold the information packet for the DVD.
5.) Cover your DVD case with the duct tape. Make sure to coat the edges of the outside and inside of the portion with the see-through film (it will resemble a picture frame). This will pull the film taught and give it more support. Do not cover the area where the DVD closes shut. The clasps need to be free and exposed so that the case can close properly.
6.) Measure out how much magnet sheet you will need to fully cover the flat bottom section of the palette. Once measured, pull off the paper covering the adhesive and apply to the palette.
7.) Place your magnetized MAC eyeshadow pans or any depotted eyeshadows/blushes and place into your palette. If your eyeshadows aren't already magnetized, you can cut out pieces of your magnet sheet and adhere them to the backs of your eyeshadows so that they will stick.