Smokey Pewter Eyes ft. the Lorac Pro Palette

While on Spring Break, I have been so blessed to stay at my friend's beautiful beach house in Destin, FL. During the day we have been going to the gorgeous white sand beaches and at night all of the girls staying in the house get ready together to enjoy some crazy fun shenanigans at the local beach bars and restaurants. 

Well, the girls found out that I am a free-lance makeup artist so I was immediately "employed" to do their makeup (and share some not-so-secret-anymore tips with them) for our nightly escapades. 
The makeup and products below are those that I used on the lovely Rachel Gill (one of the many gorgeous, kind girls in the house) for a dinner out with all our friends.
Note: The lighting was really difficult to work with in the house so the camera unfortunately didn't pick up all the colors)