Top 5 Favorite Green Eyeshadows

 I didn't wear any green today.
Since a poor leprechaun somewhere probably just died after reading that, I'll make it up by showing some of my favorite green eyeshadows.  
5 Favorite Green Eyeshadows:
(in no specific order)
All of these shadows are pigmented and apply smoothly. I especially love the three MAC eyeshadows because they are unique and not your typical solid green color.  

1. "Sumptuous Olive" (MAC) - This eyeshadow is a gorgeous mossy green color with a rusted copper shimmer. It has a Veluxe Pearl finish. I think that this looks especially beautiful on olive skin tones.
2. "Club"(MAC) - This eyeshadow is the most unique green I have ever come across. This one appears to be a mid-toned brown at first glance, but when it catches different lights you can see a beautiful dark metallic/shimmery green peeping through. It has a satin finish. This color is amazing for an exotic looking smokey eye.
3. "Shimmermoss"(MAC) - This aqua blue/green color makes me dream of what a mermaid's scales would look like. Similar to "Club", this eyeshadow appears either more blue or green depending on the reflection of the light. It has a Veluxe Pearl finish. 
4. "Kaboom Kelly" (CoverGirl) - This is a wonderful true green color with the slightest shimmer. Although this one needs at least two layers to pack the same punch as the MAC eyeshadows above, it is a great staple green to own.
5. "Dark Green"(e.l.f) - This eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented for such a cheap drugstore price. I love how deep and rich this green looks on the eyes. I love to use this in the outer corner to spice up an otherwise more neutral brown look.
Have a Happy St. Patricks Day!