The Secrets to Perfect Skin: The Skin Regime (Review & GIVEAWAY)

We have all had dreams of having skin that resembles a baby's butt. A soft, poreless, dewy, glowing, and unblemished, glorious baby's butt. But alas, since we live in a sad place called reality, the majority of us don't have perfect, photoshopped looking skin sans des problemes.
The problem is simple. 
But we don't even know where to start. 
What products should I use? Do the expensive ones actually work? What am I doing wrong? How do I get rid of acne scarring, dark spots, fine lines and massive pores? WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF LIFE???
Well I know someone who knows.
And her name is Dana Ramos

The lovely Dana kindly sent me a free copy of her book, The Skin Regime a few weeks ago. An absolute guru on the subject of all things skin related, she maps out the journey to attain your best skin. Intelligent, comprehensive, and downright witty and hilarious, The Skin Regime provides a refreshing and insightful look into skin care and the beauty industry. 
Truly blunt and down-to-earth, the introduction of the book explains why the countless dollars we spend on expensive and non-expensive products alike fail to work. She separates the fantasy land of false advertising with the cold, hard, truthful facts. She also discusses the importance of several simple key ingredients in skin care and how devastatingly simple it actually is to achieve and maintain great looking skin.
My well loved The Skin Regime book 
 After she shows you her treasure trove of knowledge, she explains how to shed off your dull snakeskin to reveal your new baby butt skin. She informs you how to use her simple skin peels which only use ingredients and methods that are actually proven to work. With a confident "come at me bro" attitude, she even double dares other skin companies and brands to try and replicate the results you will get after reading her book and doing her safe, at-home glycolic peels. 
As a long time sufferer of acne and the lovely present it leaves behind (scarring, blemishes, and dark spots), I can tell you that I have tried pretty much every high end, prescribed, and low end skin treatment on the face of the planet. I feel you my subscribers, I do
So when I was also sent a sample peel (the first step to the 6-8 peels that you do) I was like...
Lets do this.
First off, I prepped my skin for two weeks using the simple, non-irritating products that she recommended in the book. I was surprised that they were all products that anyone could find at a local drugstore. I guess it really is about simple ingredients, but knowing the right ones to choose. She even includes a cute shopping list at the end of the book so you can easily find what you need. The best thing is that you get to continue using these products throughout the process and even as a way to maintain your beautiful skin after the peels are done. Simple as that.
Products Used:
Top left: The leftover makeup and oils that the rubbing alcohol seeped up! Top right: Pouring the peel onto a cotton pad. Bottom: Applying it!
As a beauty obsessed blogger who has poured myself over countless useless articles and quite frankly, dumb products, I can honestly tell you that Dana's book, The Skin Regime, is no joke. I kept having those "aha!" moments from the forthcoming and knowledgable information she provided. I actually enjoyed reading a book about skin
Dana has also been kind enough to offer my subscribers a giveaway. The winner will receive a free copy of her book, The Skin Regime and a sample of one of her glycolic peels. This giveaway is open to anyone worldwide. 
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2.) All comments and subscriptions must be completed by Thursday, May 16th at 11 PM. At this time, the contest will be closed and I will announce the winner! 
I will be writing another post in the upcoming weeks giving my review on the rest of her glycolic peel program!
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Good luck!