Nail of the Day: OPI Pink Flamenco (& Easy Trick To Keep Nail Polish Shiny!)

I am finally back to blogging after taking a much needed break to visit with my family and friends in Florida, some relaxation on the beach (after some stressful exams!), workout and overall concentrate on health and happiness. I also have been quite busy lately with a new summer internship and recently did the makeup for a bride and her huge bridal party! That being said, I definitely have missed blogging the past couple weeks and can't believe I let so much time slip by! 
I decided to do a NOTD showing the gel nails I got done over this past weekend (I had been lazy about  getting those filled too--pretty much I have been just an all around FAIL for this past month haha). 
I decided to take a break from my usual stiletto nail/almond nail shape and instead go with a shape that was a bit more rounded and natural. I will probably go back to my old beloved stiletto nails, but its nice to switch it up from time to time.
"Pink Flamenco" by OPI
The color I chose was a beautiful deep magenta color called "Pink Flamenco" by OPI. I had previously been sporting some summery brights and neons but I wanted a color that would look a bit more professional for the internship that I am currently doing at an advertising agency in downtown Dallas. 

I also chose a gel nail polish so that I wouldn't have to worry about doing touch-ups throughout the weeks ahead before my next fill. Gel nail polish is great if you are constantly doing things with your hands that could dull or chip the polish (i.e typing, washing dishes). 
Trick for Shiny, Beautiful Nail polish: 
While at the nail salon, the kind lady doing my nails gave me an awesome and super easy tip to keep your nail-polish bright and shiny without adding extra topcoat. She said that simply wiping each fingernail with rubbing alcohol will instantly make your polish shining like new. A lot of you might have already known this little trick, but it was definitely new to me!

Keep on the lookout for a new summer beauty video which will be up tomorrow! In the meantime, you can watch my previous videos on my Youtube Channel