NARS Lipstick in "Niagra": Review & Swatch

 I think that the search for a perfect coral lipstick is a lot like the search for that perfect red. Difficult. Depending on your skin undertones, the same coral lipstick can pull either more towards the pink or orange side. 
I had seen NARS Niagra before and had never thought to swatch it or try it on myself until a recent beauty binge frolick through Sephora. I had hesitated to snatch it up at first because of the hefty price tag ($26.00) but caved when I saw how beautiful it was on the skin. I had also never tried any NARS lip products before, so I was very curious to finally try one out. 
This shade is the perfect cross between the two worlds of pink and orange. Its color lies straight in the middle. If pink and orange had a baby, Niagra would be that perfect star-child that every sibling simmers in jealously over. 
Niagra is a Satin-finish lipstick that applies creamy and has a nice, no-fuss soft to buildable coverage. Although it is not the absolute creamiest lipstick I have ever worn, it has a nice level of hydration that leaves the lips feeling comfortable for all-day wear. For its creamy texture however, it definitely has a longer wear-time than expected and lasts about 4 hours on the lips without need for reapplication (although it will fade slightly). If you like a more opaque coverage, then you will probably need to reapply more often throughout the day. 
As a huge fan of MAC lipsticks with their gorgeous vanilla scent, I just wish that this shade had a soft, sweet scent accompanying it. I know that many people specifically look for lipsticks without any smell, so this will be a major plus for a lot of you. 
The pictures below show me wearing a medium/heavy layering of NARS Niagra on my lips. 

Let me know what NARS lip colors you enjoy and any others you think I should try!