Michael Kors Releases New Cosmetic Line

With its famous "MK" stamped on products from watches to handbags, Michael Kors has tackled yet another realm of women's lifestyle products and created a new, ULTRA-fabulous beauty line
Promo ad for the Michael Kors Beauty Collection
As a huge, die-hard addict fan of all things Michael Kors, it wouldn't be too over-the-top to admit that I'm practically foaming at the mouth to go see these babies for myself on my next trip to the mall. 
Even better, Michael Kors partnered with beauty giant Estee Lauder to create his new line and so you can bet your bottom dollar that the appearance and quality of these products will most likely be amazing. The three collections feature everything from makeup and perfumes to body lotions and self-tanners. For its first year, the new cosmetic line will be exclusively available in Macy's department stores and then will make a home at Michael Kors locations worldwide.  
Estee Lauder collaborates with Michael Kors
The line is separated into three themes that encompass the Michael Kors brand image: Sporty, Sexy and Glam. Each collection features its own palette of colors that reflects the mood of the theme. Sporty  capitalizes on neutral, natural shades like nudes and browns, Sexy hosts an array of sensual reds, and Glam includes stunning shades of purple. 

The line ranges from $18 for cosmetics like nail-laqueur to $95 for fragrances. Each collection includes 2 lipsticks, 2 lip-glosses, 3 nail-polishes and a fragrance. 

Since I will be sure to buy something from this collection, I will write a review of the products I purchase and let you know what I think!