Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Photogenic Makeup

You've just woken up from a wonderful night out with your girlfriends. You pull up the pictures from the night before and a little part of you dies inside. Guuurlfrand you definitely don't remember applying your makeup in the style of Casper the friendly ghost, Chiquita-Banana or this chick but the pictures seem to say otherwise. 
The makeup you apply will most often translate much differently in photos. Whether you are prepping for a photo shoot or just wanting to take some great pictures with your girlfriends, it is good to know what kind of makeup to wear so that you come out looking your best. 
One of my clients with all the techniques below applied in the process of doing her makeup! This photo is unretouched with no filters. 

Makeup for Beautiful Photographs Every Time:

1.) Wear a foundation without SPF- While it is recommended to wear SPF to protect skin from the harmful rays of the sun, it often creates flashback in photos. Flashback makes your face appear much whiter than the rest of your body and casts an unnatural looking glare. This is a very common occurrence in flash photography so ditch the SPF for your next photo shoot for best results
2.) Don't use glitter or overly shimmery products- OK Kesha, we are all born with some glitter in our veins but glitter and shimmery products do not usually photograph well. Most often, glitter doesn't reflect light in an attractive way, it looks oddly pixelated, or it hardly picks up on camera. Using too much shimmery highlight usually just translates as oily skin in photos. Matte eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes photograph beautifully and so they are the best to use when taking photos. 
3.) Powder your face- If the skin is even slightly dewy or oily, the camera will emphasize this big time. Powdering your skin is important for photographs so that your skin looks even all over and doesn't look overly shiny. 
4.) Wear lipliner, lipstick AND lipgloss- The best and most beautiful photos I have seen of my clients (and other people's too) are the ones where the woman is wearing all three of these products. Lipliner makes the lips appear fuller and more shapely. Layering lipstick also gives the effect of fuller, more luscious lips. Marilyn Monroe's makeup artist used to layer lipsticks for this sole reason and this gave the beautiful star her famous pout in photos. Topping off the lips with a lipgloss will bring beautiful added light and dimension to the lips. Of course, some people may be uncomfortable wearing that much product so a simple lipgloss with good color payoff could suffice. 
5.) Wear false eyelashes- Eyelashes seem to disappear into nothing in photographs and so I highly recommend wearing a set of false eyelashes when getting pictures taken. False eyelashes photograph looking much more natural than you would expect and and really opens up the eye area. Your eyes will not only look bigger, but your lashes will look perfectly full and gorgeous. 
6.) Apply blush and bronzer more liberally- While you don't want to look like Ronald Mcdonald or a burnt lobster, blush and bronzer are often very difficult to pick up in photos. For photo shoots specifically, I recommend to use a much heavier hand when applying these two products so that you look radiant and healthy with some nice color to the face. If you are going out for the night with friends and you know photos will be taken, apply blush and bronzer heavier than usual but not so heavy that it looks unnatural in person.