Apply Makeup Like a Pro: Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Life

As a makeup artist and beauty lover, I love trying out all different brands and kinds of brushes. I have found some great ones through trial and error and I can say without doubt that these are my most used, tried-and-true brushes. All of these blend out product beautifully and have little to no shedding. You will notice that the brushes above are from two brands, namely Sigma Beauty and Real Techniques. These two brands have become my absolute favorite concerning brushes as they not only provide incredible professional quality but also give you the most bang for your buck. The brushes are so easy to wash and remain soft and beautiful with good care. You can check out how I wash and take care of my brushes on my blog post, "How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro". Both brands are cruelty-free and so we can all rest easy knowing that no bunnies were harmed in the process. :) You can find Real Techniques brushes at Ulta Beauty stores and Sigma Beauty brushes exclusively online on websites like Amazon or the official Sigma Beauty website. You also have the option of buying whole sets of brushes through these sites if you would prefer not to buy individuals.


Foundation: Sigma F80 This brush is my holy grail for applying foundation effortlessly and evenly all over the face. I just apply a few dots of foundation on my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin and then buff the product out using circular motions. I'm always left with a flawless, perfect finish. 
Powder: Real Techniques Powder BrushThis synthetic powder brush is oh-so-soft and plush and applies powder beautifully all over the face. It is a massive brush so it cuts time down in half and really simplifies the process. 

Blush & Bronzer: Real Techniques Blush Brush- The tapered hairs on this brush make it wonderful for applying both blush and bronzer to the cheek area. It blends product flawlessly and makes it simple to create a light or heavy finish. 
Contour: Sigma F05- Perfect for applying bronzer or contour in the hollows of the cheeks for a chiseled, slim appearance. This brush is the perfect size to place product neatly exactly where you want it. 
Highlight: Sigma F55- A duo-fibre brush that can be used for both powder and cream products. I love using this to apply highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones for an airbrushed, beautiful glow. This also applies blushes seamlessly for a radiant, natural appearance. 
Concealer: Your handy-dandy fingers!- I love to use my fingers to dab concealer under my eye area or on blemishes. Your fingers blend concealer out amazingly since it naturally warms up the product and helps it to melt into the skin. 


Eyelid: Sigma E50- This is a must-have brush especially for those of us who are short on time and want to cover the lid as fast as possible with eyeshadow. I love how it packs on the product in one pat and how effortless this makes applying eyeshadow to the lid space. 
Blending: Sigma E35- An amazing brush for applying color into the crease to create the appearance of deep-set eyes or for blending eyeshadows seamlessly. I can't live without this!
Browbone Highlight: Real Techniques Shading Brush- You can also use this brush to pack color onto the lid, but I love to use this little brush to apply a highlight shade underneath the browbone to clean up and lift the brow area or just create a soft glow. It's also great for adding highlight next to the tear ducts to brighten up this tired area and to create the appearance of larger eyes. 
Grooming: Real Techniques Lash and Brow Groomer- This tool is great to comb out the eyebrows before filling them in or to comb through clumpy lashes once you have applied mascara. This little baby keeps you looking tidy and pulled together.