Weekly Link Roundup

 Celebrate the weekend with me and peruse over some delightful links that have been tickling my fancy.  
Yet another BB cream sensation is on the loose but this time it's not for skin. Orly has released a BB cream just for the nails. I'm thinking it's probably just a clever way to re-market nail growth and protective serums. What do you think?
Haunting and mesmerizing, I've found myself clinging to the reverie that is the voice of London Grammar. Very unique and a refreshing new sound for a music industry packed with monotonous sound-alikes. 
I can't wait to try my hand at making this tasty and healthy avocado pasta I found while perusing Pinterest. 
Moving into a new apartment with my husband has really kindled my interest in all things organization.   I Heart Organizing is a great blog that I've been using as my muse for all of my household projects. I can't wait to make our space fabulousss dahhhlinggg. 
The Lorac 2 Palette has made its debut and is available online at Ulta. Casey Holmes is one of my many favorite beauty gurus who has snatched up this palette to review for her subscribers. 
A DIY version of the coveted (and *ahem* very expensive) Glamglow face mask has finally been born unto the internet world. I am itching to compare this to the real thing. Hopefully this will put an end to any more refills of this cult favorite in my Sephora bag.