Weekly Link Roundup

Happy weekend! Enjoy some of my favorite links and ideas from the week. 
I've seen this too-good-to-be-true makeup removing product reviewed on several blogs and Pinterest posts. You simply add water to the cute pink washcloth, wipe your face as normal, and voila! Your whole face of makeup comes off. Better yet, the cloth can be thrown in the washer and reused up to 1000 times. If what they claim is true, then the Makeup Eraser certainly seems worth the $20 asking price. 
A very unique and odd documentary, "Tiny" follows the lives of several people who decided to downsize their lives by building tiny homes after the economic recession. I couldn't believe how much each family could fit into each Thumbelina-sized home. With ingenious space-saving ideas, this documentary really highlighted the idea of living a happier, simpler and fuller life. 
With his quirky electro-pop melodies and lyrics depicting his daydreams, Owl City has been a unique artist I have enjoyed since his debut in my highschool years. While I'll admit that I hadn't followed his music in a while, his new song, "Beautiful Times" definitely brought me back onto his bandwagon. The fact that the uber-talented violinist, Lindsey Stirling features on the track makes this a double win for me. 
These cake pops are the perfect DIY treat to bring to a 4th of July party or picnic this Friday. I love the cute patriotic sprinkles and how simple these are to make! 
I have bookmarked this website to shop at after I give birth and lose all the baby weight! The prices are so affordable and all of the clothes and accessories are so chic. 
Every Day Reading is a great blog for people who are constantly on the hunt the next best book to read. I love reading about her life as a mommy on a budget and all of her amazing ideas from recipes to DIY.