5 Beauty Lessons I Learned While Sick

The saying, "when it rains it pours" has been very true for me this past month. Apparently I've been walking under far too many ladders, breaking way to many mirrors, and unknowingly letting millions of black cats cross my path. Whatever the case--be it karma or some other unknown factor--June has just not been my month.

My husband and I (newlyweds, yay!) moved into our first official apartment together towards the beginning of the month and found out soon after that the tenants before us left the apartment infested with a happy family of thousands of fleas. I was apparently chosen as tribute to participate in their hunger games and broke out in an allergic reaction. To make it even juicier, only a few days later I fell ill with a kidney infection and a whole array of other medical complications.

Although it probably sounds like these situations have left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, I have actually come out of it with some valuable lessons that I am truly grateful for. Visits to the hospital and witnessing other patients there have actually reaffirmed to me how blessed and fortunate I am to not suffer with something much more serious or life-threatening.

Beauty wise, it taught me some great lessons that I will definitely be following more vigilantly from now on: 

1. Drink water like a fish- I have never liked the bland, boring taste of water and have always found it hard to gulp down a healthy amount. It is especially important to drink water while pregnant since your blood volume doubles and dehydration becomes a much more dangerous factor. Oops. When I do drink a lot of water, I always notice that I not only have much more energy, but my skin clears up and glows from within. In an effort to drink more, I have been adding lemon to my water and filling up a plastic canister to take with me everywhere. Something so simple as water really does do wonders. 

2. Sleep is irreplaceable- Getting your 8 hours of Zzz's is important for pretty much everything--stress levels, health, happiness--all of it. I fell in love all over again with the healing power of sleep while sick.  I even took some short naps to re-charge and felt like a different person when I woke up. Sleeping is the best anti-ager and treatment for those dark circles and gives the face a healthy complexion. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I listen to Josh Groban--his voice could seriously melt butter.

3. Moisturizer is a God-send- Maybe it's the summer heat (or probably being sick in general) but my skin has felt pretty zapped of moisture and so I've been lathering on the stuff like 5 layer icing. I love Clinique Dramatically Different lotion for the face and Lush Dream Cream for its luxurious, thick consistency.

4. Oatmeal/essential oil baths rock- To calm the skin and relax the mind, (or itchy bug bites) there is nothing better than a hot oatmeal or essential oil bath. I love the smell as it wafts in the air and the feeling of being caressed by the water (queue sexy Barry White music). Sometimes these types of baths are all I need to be whisked away to my own paradise. I love the oatmeal bath by Aveeno or a nice lavender oil before I go to bed.

5. Health > Beauty- Last and most importantly, health is the greatest gift to have in life and no amount of beauty or products can replace that. Focusing on the exterior isn't nearly as important as focusing on your inside--your mind, soul...(and organs in my case!)