5 Ways to Speed Up Your Makeup Routine

I often get the sneaking suspicion that one day-- perhaps after the one millionth time of shouting "Just ten more minutes...I PROMISE!"--that my patient husband will finally go psycho and plot the untimely doom of my beloved products. That...or just straight up throw my vanity out the window. 
It's easy to get carried away (at least for me) when applying makeup whether it's getting ready for a date or putting your face on in the morning. Over the course of a few years, I have found ways to cut down on my getting-ready time. I have even set timers on my iphone with blaring (sometimes downright frightening) alarms to get my ass into gear and out the door. These are some of the time-savers I have learned to adopt...although sometimes begrudgingly. 
1. Keep a makeup organizer or makeup bag filled with your daily products out and ready- I have made it a habit to keep the products I use for my everyday makeup routine in a small acrylic organizer on my vanity. I can't tell you how much time this one simple idea has saved me in getting ready each morning. Instead of digging through drawers and playing hide and seek with my products, I have everything I need laid out before me. To keep my routine fresh and interesting, I rotate products out frequently. 
2. Use some products as multitaskers- So many products can easily be used on multiple areas of the face. Using a product as a jack of all trades is a mega time saver since you don't have to keep opening up and putting away a billion products. I use my powder face highlighter not only to add glow to my cheekbones, but also as a highlight under my brow-bone and next to my tear ducts to make my eyes appear larger. I'll dab the stuff on my cupid's bow and in the center of my lips too in order to fake a big Victoria's Secret pout. Sometimes I'll use my lipstick both on my lips and as a cream blush for a more natural flush to the cheeks. 
3. Limit the amount of products in your routine- Not to be Captain Obvious, but less products really does equal less time to complete your makeup routine. I am probably the biggest culprit when it comes to not following this advice...hehe...whoops. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that I'm not Michaelangelo painting the Sistene Chapel...I really don't need to use 100 eyeshadows for one look. 
4. Use your fingers- Your fingers are conveniently attached to you so it makes sense that those would be faster than taking out a different brush for each step. I often find myself on an awkward search mission for a specific brush when I'm in a hurry. Using your fingers cuts straight to the chase and you can just go, go go. The touch of your fingers will also warm up the product so that it blends more seamlessly. Marilyn Monroe's makeup artist was a true advocate of this method. 
5. Join several steps into one- Makeup takes a lot of time when you are layering product after product over the other. I find joining multiple steps together especially useful in my skin/foundation routine. To speed up the process, I'll squeeze facial lotion, primer and foundation out onto the back of my hand, mix them all together, and apply the concoction directly to my face. 
Let me know if you have any other strategies that speed up your routine! 

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