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I've been toting around this black H&M fringed shoulder bag every day so far this summer. While it's definitely not summery looking in any shape or form, I love its casual, boho chic vibe and that it matches with anything I wear. Plus, it wins brownie points for taking on the role of Mary Poppins bag. This thing fits so many odds and ends and is really convenient and comfortable to carry. 

The Contents:

Michael Kors Wallet- I adore this black wallet since it matches with almost any purse I choose to carry with me (I also can't resist anything with gold hardware). I love classy and timeless pieces like this because I know it will always stay in fashion. It has a divider with a coin pouch on the inside that separates the wallet into 2 sides to place your cash and cards. I love that it has separate slim pockets on the inner walls to organize anything from receipts, to business and credit cards. 
Laboratoire Dermophil Indien Stick (SPF 20)- I purchased this awhile ago when I visited France (hence the fancy name). This has been my little buddy all summer long to protect my lips from burning in the hot Florida sun. I love how it smells like tangerine popsicles. 
Pens- You know those magpie birds who steal shiny things and arrange them in their nests? Well, call me the pen magpie. Whenever there is an opportunity to get a free pen, I'm like "Please and thank MY ARMY OF MINIONS" and pop it snugly into my purse. Don't ask me why. I just love the feeling of writing with a brand new pen. I get this sick satisfaction out of feeling how smooth it writes and the way it moves across the paper. 
The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter - The little pot this comes in is just so precious. Little pocket-sized things just kill me with their cute factor. This is the perfect size to pop straight into your purse and take out whenever your lips are feeling dry or chapped. I still can't decide whether I love the mango scent or if it's just a little too sickly sweet for me. 
NARS compact case- This originally came as a cover for a NARS powder I purchased. I noticed it was the perfect size to hold business cards so I made this the new home for my makeup artist ones. It has a black band that snaps back to close the case and keep everything inside secure. I love how it matches my wallet and purse and that I was able to repurpose it into something useful and chic. 
Maybelline Lipliner in "Toast"- A great brown-nude lipliner that goes with almost any lipstick I choose to put in my bag that day. 
Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in "Luna"- I have been absolutely loving this paired with the lipliner above. Together they make the most beautiful peaches and cream looking lip. I also love the formula of these--so pigmented with one swipe, easy to apply and stains the lips a beautiful color as it wears throughout the day. The fruity smell is great too!
Prenatal Vitamins- For the little nugget when I'm on the go!
The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream- I'm kinda "meh" about this one. It's nice to have a thick hand cream in my purse but I can't help but feel that this one actually leaves my hands feeling more dehydrated about 30 minutes or so after application. The rose scent is divine though and so I haven't had the motivation to banish it from my purse just yet. 
Kindle Paperwhite- I love to tote my kindle around with me since it's so lightweight, thin and convenient. Any time I'm out and about and have a few minutes, I can pull this out and read for a bit. I love to pop this out in the waiting room for my pregnancy appointments and for long car rides. The battery life is pretty stellar and I love that it creates its own soft light settings so that I can read at night without bothering my husband. I'm currently reading "Sleep Tight" by Rachel Abbot. Mystery/Suspense novels usually aren't what I gravitate towards (I'm a fantasy lover) but I actually really like this one so far. 
Rose Gold Hoop Earrings- I always have these in my purse pocket because jewelry is always the one thing I forget to put on when I'm in a rush to get out the door. These things basically live on my ears and I love them regardless of whether they are in style or not. I feel that it brings a touch of urban chic to any outfit I wear. I think these are either from Express or Target. 
Forever 21 Floral Mirrored Compact- Great to have for touchups anywhere and everywhere. I have had this for about 2 years now and I can't believe how sturdy and well-made it is for something so cheap!
Dior Sunglasses- Well, at least I think these are Dior. I bought these ages ago and the brand name has finally worn off after many beatings in chlorinated pools, hot cars and falling off my head. They do the job though and are nicely polarized. 
Dollar Tree Black Composition Book- My grandest ideas seem to appear at the strangest times (grocery shopping, during doctor's appointments, on the porcelain throne...) so I keep this composition book on hand to quickly jot down anything I might forget or any rare moments of creative genius. It actually puts a good use to all those pens I accumulate too. 
Claire's bows and headbands- I bought these a few days ago but since I had left them in my bag I thought I would show them to you. I hadn't been inside a Claire's store since middle school and I thought it would be the perfect place to find some cute bows and headbands for my baby girl (coming to a world near you this October!)
Let me know what you keep in your bag! Am I the only one that's a pen freak? haha :)

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