A Makeover | Alison

Meet Alison. She came to stay with my husband and I to celebrate my recent baby shower and of course, we ended up doing a makeover in our spare time! When people ask us how long we've known eachother, we will just look at eachother and say "since womb." Our parents met while strolling us around a Chicago mall way back when Gymboree was still a hit. Our dads sat and bonded during the seemingly eternal wait outside the women's changing rooms for our moms--and the rest is history. 
For the makeover, we decided to focus on bringing added shape and arch to her brows, healthy glowing skin and overall, enhancing and bringing out her beautiful features. After the makeup, I styled her hair with wavy curls and added a finishing shine spray. 

The Products:

The How-To:

The Face- For Alison's face, I focused on giving her the appearance of the healthiest skin possible and used a great, buildable foundation that would mimic the appearance of real skin instead of heavy, caked on makeup. I contoured and highlighted her face to add dimension and slim her jaws and cheeks. Then, I mixed a warm plum and coral shade of blush together and applied them to the apples of the cheeks and swept upwards to her cheekbones. I used a shimmering highlight color directly on her cheekbones and a dash on the nose, lips and chin for that Victoria Secret glow. 
The Eyes- I plucked and shaped her eyebrows according to her natural arch and then filled them in with one of my favorite brow pencils. I primed her eyelid area and used windshield wiper motions to add a mid-toned brown color, "Cork" to her crease. I packed on a beautiful gold-brown shade, "Woodwinked" all over her lid and applied a golden-white highlight, "Nylon" near her tear ducts (sweeping inwards towards the Woodwinked color) and under the brow bone. I deepened up her outer corner creating a sideways "V" shape with a dark cool brown, "Embarked." For the final touch, I smudged a black kohl pencil along her lashline and a mossy green pencil on her lower lashline to bring out the green in her eyes. I topped it all off with some glamorous lashes! 
The Lips- I lined and filled her lips in with a muted nude-brown lipliner. In the center of the lips, I applied a gorgeous pinky-brown nude and a milky nude lipgloss for added dimension and shine. 

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