The Pregnancy Tag

I reconnected with an old high school friend recently and when his sweet photographer girlfriend, Katie Hurst found out I was preggo, she called me up and arranged a maternity photo shoot! The thought of a maternity shoot honestly had never even crossed my mind so I was so excited! We went over to a cute local park and shopping center and had a great time snapping photos and talking all things baby.
With all the great photos, I thought it would be great timing to do the pregnancy tag I see cropping up from time to time on all the mommy blogs.
How far along? 7 months
Gender? A little girl!Have a name? Kathleen Elizabeth Mitchell

Maternity clothes? actually! I still can't bring myself to actually take the plunge and admit I'm fat and need some stretchy pants in my life. I never realized how expensive some maternity brands can be and I would only wear them for 2 more months anyways. So far, I've been compensating my growing belly by buying a size or two bigger in regular people clothes! I currently love maxi dresses because they are so comfortable and airy.
Stretch marks? Not yet but I feel they might be coming to get me sometime soon!
Sleep? I've slowly but surely turned into a grandma. By 9 every night I'm usually ready to drift off into lala land. Might as well get my sleep now while I can!
Best moment this week? My baby shower! It was so wonderful to have so many friends and family together. Opening the presents and seeing the cute tiny clothing made having a baby that much more real.
Miss anything? SUSHI COME BACK TO ME. Also margaritas...I miss you too my dear friend.
Movement? A lot of it! I think the female reincarnation of Jackie Chan is living inside of me...she kicks me like a ninja on a mission every morning and every night with some little nudges throughout the day.
Food cravings? Although I felt pretty sick during my first trimester, I always craved grapefruit. In my second it moved on to peaches and mangos and now I just want all the chocolate and icecream in the world. Haha I know...that escalated quickly.
Symptoms? I have a love affair with food!
Belly button in or out? It's still in so far but I can see it slowly beginning to creep outwards to say hello!
Happy or moody most of the time? First trimester was just not fun so I was pretty moody but now I am mostly happy and I already can't wait to pop her out!
Looking forward to? The day of the birth, all of her "firsts", eating the foods I couldn't before, a glass (or two!) of wine, re-living my childhood, and meeting my soon-to-be new best friend. :)