"Lost Voices" by Sarah Porter | Recent Reads


Tales of mermaids have fascinated me ever since my childhood. Whether it be Hans Christian Anderson's beloved tale of the innocent Little Mermaid or darker tales of alluring siren-like creatures pulling sailors to their watery grave--I love it all. I don't know what exactly captivates me concerning these mythical beings. Maybe it's the idea of their other-worldy beauty and glistening scales, their angelic songs and undying playfulness-- or simply the mystery of their lives in the unending expanse of crystal waters. Whatever it is, I just know that I'm immediately hooked to anything with so much as a hint of mermaid action.

I pretty much gave myself whiplash with the speed and ferocity I snatched up "Lost Voices" by Sarah Porter when I saw it on the shelf in Barnes & Noble the other week. My eyes barely registered the fin attached to a human body on the front cover before I flung out my handy-dandy Kindle and purchased it.

"Lost Voices" is the first book in a trilogy and tells the story of a young girl named Lucette (nicknamed "Luce") who lives with her alcoholic, abusive uncle in a small Alaskan fishing town. You follow her experiences at school and flashbacks that reveal the sad past of her thief father who mysteriously disappeared and the untimely death of her loving mother. One day, she discovers something disturbing on her local beach and only a few days later, she finds herself plunging to her death over a high sea-side cliff. Instead of death, she finds that she has somehow transformed into a mermaid. As the story continues to unfold, she must come to terms with what that means for her life as she discovers the secrets, rules and dark reality of her new watery world.

I definitely enjoyed this book--it was an easy, entertaining read with a flowing, entertaining plot line. I do wish I could find a mermaid story with The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones sort of epicness with an intricate, twisting narrative and deeply developed characters. Alas, this is not that type of book, but like I said, still entertaining. It is definitely true to its teen fiction audience and I think fans of stories like Divergent and The Vampire Diaries would really enjoy this. I'm going to slowly start reading the last two books in the series, Waking Storms and The Twice Lost, but I have a few other books I want to get into first so I'll get to them eventually.

What are you currently reading? Have any mermaid books/shows/movies to recommend to me?