Winter Home Decor Inspiration

Winter Home Decor Inspiration | It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means your home might need a little winter spruce up. Stock up on a few festive home decor pieces to use every year and repurpose them for new arrangements. I've stalked Pinterest and blogs galore to bring you some ideas to set your holiday spark aglow.


Who doesn't love the warm glow of a candle during the winter? I'm loving this gorgeous, wintery silver center piece paired with glittery baubles on its crisp white background. Simply take a tray and lay out some lovely candles and accent pieces and you have yourself a gorgeous center piece to dress up any living space. 

Winter Home Decor Inspiration |


Add a refined, festive mood to your entryway or hallway with winter wonderland themed side tables and mantles. Lay some ornaments in a bowl along with a sprinkle of fake snow flakes, or use metallic spray paint to liven up some cute little figurines and pinecones. 


Bouquets of Baby's Breath all over the house is a simple, cheap and unique way to add some winter beauty to the home. I love the lavender accents in the bouquet above and how the Baby's Breath looks like delicate snowflakes freshly fallen on some branches. 

Winter Home Decor Inspiration |


Cutesy cliché holiday sayings, although overused--are just so dang cute when you combine pillows. This "Baby it's cold outside" pillow is a simple way to spruce up any sofa to make it holiday ready. 


Delicious smells are in your future if you decide to whip up this easy cinnamon spice simmer. Fill your home with cozy goodness just by adding your favorite whole spices to a pot to simmer. Fresh pine needles, cloves, nutmeg berries and rosemary added to a pot with some oil will make your home smell like Christmas itself. 


What are some of your holiday home decor ideas?