Winter Wishing

Winter Wishing | Tis' the season to make wish lists and ohhh boyyy do I have some pretty little things I'm drooling over. Spruce up your wish list and take a gander at some of the things I'm wishing for this winter. Oh, and I also might have thrown in a free printable wish list for you too. 

Sonia Kashuk Holiday Limited Edition All That Jazz Brush Set ($34.99)

Like I really need any more brushes--but anything gold, rose gold, or just general gold-ish in color speaks to me. Just $34 bucks for ten gorgeous brushes which look fit for royalty? Yea. the frantic red head stalking the aisles of Target. 

Pocket Posh Coloring Book ($11.92)

I would say don't judge me but honestly...I'm already judging myself. I say YOLO though. I absolutely LOVE this concept of an adult coloring book. It's great for the artsy fartsy, those who love to doodle or if you're just plain overworked and want to take a breather. I can't wait to snatch this baby up and color in all of the different designs on each page. My markers and gel pens are chomping at the bit. 

Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($92.00)

Very recently I started a few little anti aging steps in my skincare routine for preventative measures (aka the baby keeps me up at night). This Black Tea Mask is one of the new items at Sephora and looks like the perfect pick me up for tired skin. An intense moisturizing overnight treatment, it "works in sync with the skin's natural nighttime recovery process to achieve a lifted, firmer look by morning." I love that the Sephora website describes it as having a "corset-like" effect. 

Flash Tattoos ($22.00)

I know these aren't exactly a new concept anymore but I'm still dying to try these out. They just got these in at Sephora and I'm so excited to peruse through all the designs and choose some. I love that they have a metallic shine that gives it the look of jewelry all over the body. 

Alex and Ani Mermaid Bangle ($28.00)

I'm not usually one for charm bracelets but I got one as an early Christmas present and now I'm hooked. I love that they are bangle style with one charm on each so you can stack them up your arm. I think its a more adult approach to charm bracelets instead of attaching a zillion charms to one (I'm looking at you Pandora). Of course, to each his own though. I'm itching to collect quite a few, but the next one I'm eyeing is the mermaid bangle. The Little Mermaid (and all mermaid lore for that matter) was my boo thang back in the day so there is a sense of nostalgia there for me. Also I'm biased with my red hair. 


Free Printable Wish List

Free Printable Wish List

What items are you currently coveting for your holiday wish list?