How to Sneak Pampering Time Into Your Cleaning Schedule

How to Sneak Pampering Time Into Your Cleaning Schedule | We women spread ourselves too thin. With busier lifestyles than ever, the multiple roles we juggle leaves most of us exhausted. Taking on the role of chef, maid, family psychologist, lady entrepreneur and overall badass leaves us feeling like it's impossible to get it all done.  

I've found a method that perfectly streamlines my work and allows me to sneak some pampering time into a cleaning plan. This plan is perfect for busy stay-at-home, working moms or anyone who feels overwhelmed by their to-do lists. You'll finally have time for "you" time and look and feel less frazzled. 

This cleaning plan works because it starts off with quick, simple tasks that "clean themselves" so to speak. So while things like the dish washer and laundry are running, you're cleaning and attending to other areas. This allows you to maximize your time. The pampering part of the strategy capitalizes on leave-in beauty products that can sit on your skin and hair while your cleaning. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, my friends.

Some general tips that help me while cleaning: 1.) Play some music to make it more entertaining. Also helps you get in the cleaning "zone". 2.) Make each step your mission--don't think about the next one. 3.) Set a timer for each "mission" or set a 2 hour timer to keep yourself moving and on task.

Finally find the time to pamper yourself by using this cleaning plan each week:


10 minutes- Pick up dirty clothes off the floor of all rooms, placing them in a hamper/basket. Put on a load of laundry. 

10 minutes- Pick up any stray mugs or dishes left out in other rooms. Load dirty dishes into the dish washer and run it (or hand wash). Spray sink with kitchen cleaner and rinse.

10 minutes- Clean all bathroom sinks and wipe down mirrors. Squirt toilet cleaner along inner rims of toilet bowls and scrub inside. 

10 minutes- Go to your bathroom and apply your favorite face mask. Put in some whitening strips (my favorite are the Crest Whitening Strips for sensitive teeth). Put a hair mask, deep conditioning treatment or your favorite oil in your hair. We are going to let all of these marinate for 30 minutes while we multi-task like a boss and clean. (I usually leave the hair mask in a bit longer)

10 minutes- Walk through the house, look for misplaced items and put them back where they belong. Organize and straighten up any messy tabletops, shelves...etc. Throw out unwanted magazines, papers etc. Take out the trash and put in a new liner.

15 minutes- Quickly wipe down/dust all surfaces with multi-surface cleaner. The kitchen and bathroom counters, coffee table, dining table, side tables, desk, vanity, toilets...etc.

15 minutes- Vacuum all carpeted areas of the house. Spritz air freshener as you travel between rooms. 

5 minutes- Go to the bathroom, wash off the face mask and take off the whitening strips. 

15 minutes- Go to the laundry room and load wet clothes into the dryer and run it. Put in another load of laundry to wash. Fold dried clothes and replace towels in bathrooms with clean ones. 

10 minutes- Rinse hair of hair mask in sink or take a quick shower. Apply some body lotion to your legs and arms. 

10 minutes- Get dressed, spritz some perfume and put some makeup on. I have some tips for super speedy makeup application that might help. 


2 Hour House Cleaning and Pampering Check List












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