Beauty Instagrams to Follow

Beauty Instagrams to Follow | I'm obsessed with Instagram. I check it practically every 5 seconds throughout the day--every morning, while I'm cooking, while I'm cleaning, when I can't sleep, even when I'm on the damn toilet (tmi but let's be's my digital magazine?) Let's just say its my boo thang. I love the endless rounds of stunning photos--how they can transport you to exotic places and show you lovely products and nick- knacks. 

I especially love beauty Instagrams. Shocking, I know. I use it to find out about new and upcoming products, stay up to date with brands, and discover all things creative. 

The Instagram profiles below are ones I check every day--the ones I might actually get weirdly emotional about if they suddenly got hacked or deleted. Check out my absolute favorite, bread and butter Instagram accounts below and prepare yourself for makeup glory: 

Nouvelle Daily

Oh. my. gosh. Addiction. Just pure addiction. I found this beautiful online beauty and lifestyle magazine by following popular UK blogger, Gh0st Parties. She and a few other fabulous contributors post daily amazing blog posts covering everything from beauty tips to home decor and even university advice. The photos of their feed are just so lovely and transport me to a fantasy world. This is also one of the only blogs I visit religiously day in and day out. 

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |


Makeup Sessions

The feed of makeup sessions is soooo satisfying. If you're a makeup junkie and love to just stare at gorgeous products then you need to stop immediately and stalk her instagram ASAP. I swear she has every new product that comes out--the very second it comes out--and I'm drooling. 

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |


Gold Glitter Diaries 

I honestly feel like I know this chick personally...however creepy that may sound. She is just super personable and truthful when talking about products--I love that. We have very similar taste and style (except her photos are much better than mine... I'm still nudging her for deets on her photography skills). I drool over the gorgeous products, set up and lighting for her photos on the daily. 

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |


Meet Me in Paree

Meet Me in Paree follows the life of a fashion blogger living smack dab in the land of romance: Paris. The bright colors in her photos always brighten my day and I love gazing at all her gorgeous flat lays. There is a sort of magical, whimsical charm to her feed that will have you day dreaming of Parisian style and grandeur. 

Beauty Instagrams to Follow |


All things classy, girly and elegant is the name of the game with this beauty's insta feed. I love how bright and clean her photos are and her obvious love of neutrals, nudes and stark white backgrounds. 

Beauty Instagrams to Follow | 

What are some of your favorite instagram feeds?