DIY Mini Flower Buckets + Arranging Tips

flower-header  While spring may not be officially in the air yet, I'm beckoning it over to our household with cute mini copper flower arrangements.

Believe it or not, I made 3 of these bucket babies using under $30. I bought the adorable little copper buckets from the $1 section at Target (if you can't find them, use a copper spray paint to replicate the look). Then I went to the best grocery store on the face of the planet (ahem: Publix) and bought 3 bouquets of flowers for $12! I simply took them out of their plastic and rubber bands and mixed and assorted the flowers to create my own unique arrangements. I bought white hydrangeas, light and dark pink carnations and some greenery to add some life to the bouquets. 

This is a fantastic budget little project that takes hardly any time and lets your creative juices flow. I love the idea for small apartment living, college dorms, the wallet-conscious, or just as an excuse to put cute mini flowers in your home. 

If you're a first-time flower arranger--no problem (to be honest it was my first time too!). Take a read of some of my favorite flower arranging tips and you'll be surprised how well your tiny arrangements turn out: 


  • - play with texture by adding flowers and leaves with contrasting elements  
  • - play with color by adding different flowers of the same color palette or the same flowers of different colors
  • - use flowers of different sizes and heights to create an interesting bouquet
  • - for impact, use a huge cluster of the same type of flowers and soften the edges with big leafy greenery
  • - choose an interesting or modern vase that inspires you 
  • - for single bloom arrangements, use multiple small cups or vases side by side 



- mini bucket 

- fresh flowers of your choice (I used white hydrangeas, light and dark pink carnations, 

- water-soaked flower arranging foam or tape 

- scissors 


step 1-2 flowers 


Place your mini bucket on a hard surface and insert your flower arranging foam inside* (*I accidentally purchased the wrong type but you should get some appropriate for fresh flowers that soak up water--it's usually green). If you don't have the foam then you can use tape to make a grid over the mouth of the bucket, then insert flowers into the holes to balance them. 


Cut the stems of the flowers to the appropriate length so that the heads are the only thing peeking out the bucket. Insert the stems into the flower arranging foam and arrange them across it as you please. 



Once you finish arranging your flowers, place them down the center of your dining table, sit them on the coffee table as a small centerpiece or let them soak up the sun on a window sill. 


Will you be trying out this DIY project? Have you ever arranged flowers before?