A Missing Link in Your Skincare Routine

A Missing Link in Your Skincare Routine We Floridians appreciate our citrus friends. By now, my nostrils perk at the scent of fresh grapefruits and my mouth never fails to water--even against the droplets of my one-billionth glass of orange juice. I'm also known to peel lemons and eat them whole. I know, my enamel is screaming no.  Turns out that vitamin C is also a powerhouse for your skin with a slew of benefits:


  • brightens, tones and uplifts skin
  • slows free-radical damage & increases collagen production (translation: fountain of youth for you, Mr. Ponce De Leon)
  • prevent long-term sun damage including sun spots, discoloration, etc.
  • filled with good-for-you antioxidants

I've religiously incorporated vitamin C into my own skincare routine over the past month. The results are noticeable. My skin looks visibly brighter, fresher and more awake. It's like my skin found its inner zest (I'm so punny, I know) and slowly brimmed over with a new, vibrant sort of health. 


Every other night, I gently pat 4-5 drops of the Mario Badescu Vitamin C Serum all over my face and neck area. Using a patting motion will help to press and seal the serum into your skin. I let all the nutrient goodness sink into my skin overnight. The orange-ey citrus smell is a plus and really quite therapeutic. In the morning I do my regular gentle cleansing routine to wash off the excess. I do the process every other night instead of every single night since too much acidity can be tough on sensitive skin.

You can add vitamin C to your routine in other shapes and forms including toners, masks, and creams. I currently love the ease and potency of a serum though and love the quicksand way it sinks into the skin. Some vitamin C products can fetch a dazzling price tag but there are some great DIY vitamin C serum options out there too. 


Will you be adding some vitamin C goodness to your skincare routine?

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