5 Bookshelf Styling Tips

5 Bookshelf Styling Tips

Spring organization came my way this month and slapped me in the face. I'm cleaning, organizing--constantly searching for the latest bits and bobs to make my home look interesting and eclectic, yet modern and glamorous. It's like a never ending treasure hunt. 

Tidiness isn't exactly my forté--so organizing blogs, Pinterest and decorating books serve as my muses. As I'm getting older I'm trying to find a balance between the "less is more" minimalistic approach and the "I want my apartment to look like a magazine spread with a billion glamorous things" sort of thinking. 

I always thought bookshelves were a straightforward kind of thing. You place books in rows and it merely holds them. Done. Apparently I've been an uninspired, boring old fart. I've spent time organizing, rearranging and stacking to accomplish bookshelf glory. Make your own creatively styled bookshelf with some tips that have helped me along the way: 


Placing books next to each other in stiff, militant rows is plain old-fashioned. You can create interest and intrigue even when working with the smallest spaces. In this case, arranging books in different formations on the same shelf can add some modern flair. 

5 Bookshelf Styling Tips


Assort books, figurines and frames into groups that make sense to the eye. Place books of the same color together in rows or chic pyramid stacks. Sort collections and series by the same author next to one another for ultimate organization. 

5 Bookshelf Styling Tips


Knick-nacks, thing-a-mabobs and dinglehoppers look surprisingly chic and edgy when placed atop some stacked flat-laying books. It adds height, dimension and splashes of fun color. On my vanity bookshelf, I stacked magazines and placed my collection of body oils on top for some added brightness and spunk. I also love to layer prints from Etsy like this beautiful watercolor Roald Dahl quote on top of books with other items like candles and nail polish. 

5 Bookshelf Styling Tips


The most thought-provoking, inspiring and visually-stunning interiors are usually the ones that aren't perfect. They have a unique character that brings them to life. You can do this with your bookshelf. Add meaningful pictures, group together quotes and art that inspires you, display trinkets collected from your travels...anything that makes that bookshelf scream "you". I myself have a random bunny obsession--so themed items and figurines are dispersed throughout the house. I decided to add a few from my collection on my bookshelves. 

5 Bookshelf Styling Tips


Keep the flow of the bookshelf going by placing items randomly throughout the shelves. These items should together create the look and feel of a collective, tied-in theme. You could spray paint frames and trinkets gold or silver to incorporate a color throughout. Use china sea animals, ocean art and beach themed prints to create a nautical bookshelf or mix up several themes together. 

I didn't organize my bookshelves overnight. Over the past month I've hunted for books old and new, trinkets that show my personality and inspiring art to jive up the place. 

Does your bookshelf need a stylish pick me up?

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