Beauty Favorites: February

IMG_6624 This month I'm feeling the glow apparently because ALL of the products I loved this month achieve some highlight/glow/luminizing/I've been kissed by baby angels effect. I usually keep everything a bit more matte looking in the cooler months but to hell with makeup rules--I'mma do me girls. And. Me. Wants. Glow. 

February Glowing Beauty Faves:

  • 01. Becca Backlight Priming Filter- I'm officially addicted to trying primers in general now--there are soooo many new innovations and branches of primers for different uses today. It's really incredible and exciting. There's spray on ones, creams, gels, ones that help with smoothing, filling pores, calming redness--the list goes on and on. This primer in particular is great as a luminizing priming product. The name "backlight filter" really does it justice since it literally looks as if an Instagram filter called "Glow" was lain perfectly atop the skin. It moisturizes the skin well too and helps the makeup last a bit longer.
  • 02. Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Highlight- I have the color "Gilded Honey", a very golden shade that applies surprisingly sheer for an understated, but beautiful soft golden glow. This month, I've added this color to the tops of my cheekbones non-stop. It's a nice switch up because I never thought I would stop using my Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter in "Champagne Pop" and "Opal". They are seriously knockouts and more of a glamorous highlight (which mommy likey). For more great highlighting products and application techniques, this post might be up your alley. 
  • 0.3 Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil- I'm really into products that speed up my routine at the moment. This stick works great to clean up and highlight under the brow bone area. It has one shimmery champagne side and one creamy, matte eggshell color on the other. They both go with any eyeshadow look I choose to do. I throw it in my makeup bag or purse for on-the-go all the time. I like to apply the shimmery side next to my tear ducts too to open up the eye area. I have more tips on how to highlight the face with a white or cream pencil product in this post