Blush Placement 101

blush placement 101 Blush can be applied in an endless array of ways--usually using the shape of the face as a guide. Throwing out all makeup "formality", I usually abide by one simple rule when applying blush. This one golden rule eliminates the guesswork out of blush placement and is a great trick for both beginners and experts. I use it as my own everyday guide as well as for my clients.

Makeup is all illusion. While it may seem trivial, where you place your blush makes a difference in the quality of your final result. Take your blush skillage up a notch by following this one simple rule:

Apply blush according to your lip color choice: bold or natural.

Here's the breakdown: 

01. If you are wearing a bold lip color...

blush applied towards the backs of the cheeks/cheekbones usually looks best. Lots of blush on the apples paired with a bold lip can end up looking heavy. It can also make the face look oversaturated with color in one area. By pairing a bold lip with a blush that is placed high and far back on the cheeks, you are forcing the eye to draw upward. This will create the appearance of an even, natural dispersion of color on the face.

blush placement 101

02. If opting for the more natural look...

apply blush to the apples of the cheek. Pale or light lips can start looking gaunt and lifeless really fast without a good blush. Bring some health and rosiness back to the face by applying your blush color on the apples of the cheeks. Smile and work in light layers, working the brush up and towards the back of the face for a more dramatic look. 

blush placement 101

For more blush-application secrets and professional artist tips, you can check out my Pinterest board, How To: Makeup. I've pinned a brilliant, more in-depth face chart about blush that explains face shape as well. 


How do you like to apply your blush? Any strategies to share with the class? ;)

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