Stay-Put Liquid Lipsticks

stay-put liquid lipsticks Liquid lipstick is the product I rediscovered over the past few months. I mean, with every makeup company (like EVERY company) releasing a new, more pigmented, more durable, more matte formula of the stuff, I decided to hop on the Kylie Jenner *cough* I mean liquid lipstick train. 

With liquid lipsticks, I've found it's really hard to find a good balance between comfort and longevity. I'm usually mentally preparing myself for dry, chapped, tight feeling lips as a trade for lip color that might last through one coffee. Then there are the sticky liquid lipsticks that feel like taffy when your upper and lower lips press together. Especially frustrating are the ones that apply in patches or refuse to layer and build properly. At the end of many a night I've been stuck with crusty crusts as lips with little particles flaking off. No liquid lipstick is absolutely perfect in my lowly opinion, but these ones I've found seem to do just the trick...

01. Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks- One word. Lolita. This one color has seen more craze than I thought humanly possible. While the whole line of these is fabulous, this one color is covetable for a reason--its mauve as hell with the perfect purple/pink/gray/brown ratio and screams the 90's louder than an NSYNC fan. It's also a (gasp) Kylie Jenner looking-esque shade so you know that 'ish gonna be hot hot HAWT. This is the second time I've mentioned her name in the post now but I can't help that the girl got moves in the lips department. ANYWAYS, these build well but I would recommend working quickly and not letting it dry between layers. The color payoff is fantastic too. 

02. Lime Crime Velvetines - These are pigmented beauties and last longer than any liquid lipstick I have ever encountered. It dries incredibly fast but allows for easy layering. 

03. Rimmel Show Off Liquid Lipsticks- Just THE best for the girl on a budget. If someone took this product and put it into high end packaging, I would believe it. The consistency is close to perfect and feels luxurious. It has a much glossier look when applied but dries to a satin-semi matte finish. 

04. Gerard Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks- One of my best girlfriends sent this to me as a gift and it's become a staple in my purse. A little product goes a long way with this one--just a pin-prick amount covers the entire lip area. 


There are definitely some more liquid lipsticks I would like to try...including the Colour Pop ones (supposed to be good dupes for the new Kylie Jenner Lip Kits) and especially the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks


Have you found a covetable liquid lipstick?

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