The Dry Skin Foundation Stick

The Dry Skin Foundation Stick Over the past two months I've been using the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Stick. I liked the idea of a stick's super fast swiping motions and the ability to get ready in lightning fast time. I'm a mommy to a 16 month old who runs this household and how much time I have in the morning to get my face on. Her mental breakdown= mommy's precious makeup minutes gone. 

The swiping motion really does cut down on time and keeps everything nice and clean. Liquid foundation tends to get all over my fingers and then on my white ikea furniture. No bueno. As my next step, I use a flat top kabuki brush to blend out the foundation. I use circular motions with my hands. The fingertips are also great for blending this out. The fingers warm up the product so that it melts into the skin. I've used the beauty blender to blend this foundation too but I like the brush approach more. It gives a thicker more even coverage. 

Although I have definitely been enjoying this newly released foundation by Makeup Forever, I can't help but notice that it might suit those with dry skin much more. My skin leans on the oily side which usually increases as the day progresses. I compensate for this by using a good primer, setting powder and setting spray. If you have problems with oily skin, I have this old blog post that might help you. 

The Dry Skin Foundation Stick

The coverage of this foundation is medium to high and buildable. It has the natural sheen that skin would give off so it looks very effortless. It's not completely transfer resistant and I have gotten small splotches on my clothes before. This is probably due to the oil sliding it off my face so someone with normal skin wouldn't have this problem. It also photographs great but can flash back at night on occasion. 

I'm really interested to hear from those who have also tried this foundation--do you like it? I just finished my whole stick off the other week and bough the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation as a new try out. 


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