A Lash-Growing Mascara Hack

A Lash Growing Mascara Hack | www.annemariemitchell.com A common question I regularly get asked as a makeup artist is how to grow out a healthy set of natural lashes. The immediate solution would be to slap on a pair of falsies or buy a set of ridiculously expensive temporary implants (which can tear out your natural lashes as they fall out btw). 

If you're willing to go about it the (mind you) much slower way, you have a pretty cool option. It's healthy and natural too.

Does it involve chemicals?

Wack serums that accidentally tint your lash line too? (yo Latisse I see you girl)

No and no

The magical lash growing, volumizing potion I speak of is lavender essential oil. It seems essential oils have taken over the universe the past year and I'm not hating on it. Hold on to your mascara britches because this break down is about to get real for a sec. 

So I'm casually going to tell you that everyone has mites that live around the lash line. Long story short, they burrow into your little lash follicles and cause your eyelashes to fall out. We usually get more as we age (WHY?!?) or accumulate more when our immune system is low. Mascara only encourages their growth too. 

By adding 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to your mascara, you can drastically decrease lash loss and form healthier lashes over time. Essential oils are known for their anti-bacterial properties, and lavender essential oil puts a stop to an otherwise bacteria happy fun-fun time playground. 

How to Grow Healthy Lashes the Natural Way:

  • open a tube of your favorite mascara (toss it if more than 3 months old) and add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil. 
  • swirl the mascara wand inside the tube. Don't get too excited and pump it because that will get more air in the tube (aka more bacteria)
  • you're done.

Literally, that's it. So simple and your lashes will thank you! 


Do you have any lash growing secrets? 

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