Prohibition Styled Shoot

The sultry mood at Sugar Creek Brewery only intensified with the addition of flares of crimson and warm hues of coppery gold added to the scene. It was just capital sexy, sultry, beautiful baby! This styled shoot was done last year but I never took the time to blog it until now! Mistakes were made, obviously, since this shoot is stunning! The silver lining is that it's still a great time to post it now during the winter season! ;) An incredible team of planners, decorators, artists and stylists came together to create the dark, sexy vibes below. I love the intensity the models brought to the makeup with their intense gazes and confident body language! 


We all wanted to go smoky and vampy for the makeup look - so Skylar's lips were painted a plum-wine burgundy color with golds, browns and black pigments on the eyes.


Planner: Details Wedding Planning Florist: P.A.Reavis Designs , Floral & Event Stylist Bakery: Skys the Limit! Custom Cakes and more Venue: Sugar Creek Brewing Videography: West Mint Media (video link coming soon) Beauty: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry & Mandi Does Hair Rentals: Cooke Rentals - Cornelius, NC Jewelry: Skatells Jewelers (personal shoutout to Laura Ealy for making that ring hookup happen last second - she's a killer ring maker) Attire: Paige and Elliott & House of Abbeydale

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding

A Charlotte Prohibition Wedding


What a beautiful shoot! Thanks to all vendors involved who made it possible! :)

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Carly + Blake

carly_blake_ido_0716 The Thibault family wedding was just a joy. The bride was a joy. The day was a joy. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G was just filled to the brim with a feel-good, warm and loving atmosphere. They accepted me like family on wedding day and showered me in kindness, compliments and affection and it lifted my spirits so high as I worked on each girl!  

Just see the reaction of the groom below and that will tell you everything you need to know about Carly. She is sweet, poised and mature beyond her years (which I can see would be an important trait, being a university state professional basketball coach)

Take a scroll through Carly + Blake's wedding day below - the pictures do NOT disappoint! So much raw emotion and love were captured and the pictures of the ring-bearer and flower girl are BEYOND adorable! 

T H E  M A K E U P

For the makeup, Carly wanted an effortless, natural look. We went with soft, matte browns for the eye area with a light set of lashes. Rose-petal hues of pink were applied to the lips and cheeks for a pretty bridal flush. 


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kristin Byrum Photography 

VENUE: Carolina Country Weddings and Events 

carly_blake_ido_0015 carly_blake_ido_0022 carly_blake_ido_0030 carly_blake_ido_0046carly_blake_ido_0074 carly_blake_ido_0050 carly_blake_ido_0052 carly_blake_ido_0085 carly_blake_ido_0126carly_blake_ido_0073 carly_blake_ido_0168 carly_blake_ido_0170carly_blake_ido_0155carly_blake_ido_0113carly_blake_ido_0185 carly_blake_ido_0179carly_blake_ido_0251 carly_blake_ido_0256 carly_blake_ido_0257carly_blake_ido_0289 carly_blake_ido_0291 carly_blake_ido_0292 carly_blake_ido_0300carly_blake_ido_0433 carly_blake_ido_0434 carly_blake_ido_0516carly_blake_ido_0518 carly_blake_ido_0534 carly_blake_ido_0537 carly_blake_ido_0539 carly_blake_ido_0540 carly_blake_ido_0607carly_blake_ido_0690carly_blake_ido_0878 carly_blake_ido_0893carly_blake_ido_1032 carly_blake_ido_1092carly_blake_ido_1106carly_blake_ido_1102carly_blake_ido_1098carly_blake_ido_1144 carly_blake_ido_1209


Congratulations Carly + Blake! 

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Julia + Hampton

Julia + Hampton Julia looked like such an angel on her wedding day! I loved the beautiful lighting and the incredible love that their amazing photographer, Ashley Louise shared. Below are some photos and video telling the story of their beautiful wedding day. It was an honor to be a part of Julia's beauty team as her makeup artist! How touching and sweet is the photo of her walking down the aisle?!

- V E N D O R S - 

MAKEUP // Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

HAIR // Ashley Jarnagin

FLORALS // Jimmy Blooms- Floral and Gift Design

CEREMONY // Westminster Presbyterian Church

VENUE // Charlotte Country Club

PHOTOGRAPHER // Ashley Louise Photography 

VIDEOGRAPHER // Matt Rouse Films 

williamswedding-57Julia + Hamptonwilliamswedding-55Julia + Hamptonwilliamswedding-99williamswedding-504williamswedding-467williamswedding-144 williamswedding-305williamswedding-222julia-blog-postwilliamswedding-223williamswedding-875williamswedding-812williamswedding-701 williamswedding-687williamswedding-784williamswedding-1066


Congratulations Julia + Hampton! 

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Anna + Tom

_mg_3347copy As if instantly bonding over our names wasn't enough (I know right?! - it's not every day you hear it anymore...especially a double name), Anna Maria was one of THE most genuine and down-to-earth brides I have ever had the pleasure to apply makeup for. She was graceful, poised and calm in every sense and wrote me the most beautiful, heart-felt emails again and again! 

Her beautiful personality carried over to our trial run, where she sweetly trusted me fully and gave me free reign of the makeup direction! I absolutely loved her strong cheekbones, slender face and big beautiful eyes - so we decided to focus on those areas with feature-enhancing, flattering makeup. For the lips, a beautiful rose-petal mauve. For the eyes, shades of brown and plum with a champagne highlighter lid and inner corner. 

I love how her wedding had a lot of DIY elements - it was stunning and elegant while maintaining the genuine, family-oriented and care-free charm Anna demonstrated. 

View her lovely wedding day below...


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

VENUE: Anne Springs Close Greenway Field Trial Barn 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kate from Paper Heart Photography

_mg_3261copy_mg_3360copy_mg_3379copy _mg_3408copy _mg_3407copy_mg_3410copy_mg_3239copy _mg_3236copy_mg_3248copy_mg_3663copy _mg_3674copy


LOVED her cupcake tower (with BACON!) and little succulents that doubled as table numbers and gifts to take home! 


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Jenna + Mac

hughes-197 I swear this bride had the BEST group of bridesmaids ever! All were so full of positive energy and love for Jenna and had fantastic personalities! Jenna was an absolutely lovely bride and her planning skills were ON POINT as she pretty much planned the entire wedding herself, arranged schedules and had every detail in order to perfection. (Wedding Planning in her future much!?) 

I'm so happy to finally put together a snapshot of her stunning wedding day for you to see. I loved the classic, glamorous approach she wanted for the makeup. We did a bronze smokey eye with hues of warm browns and a jet black gel liner. Thank you sweet baby Jesus that she adored blush!!! I think this is one of the more important steps when it comes to bridal makeup. Bridal photographers often brighten photos which can wash out the face unless you are wearing some blush to give you a healthy flush! This bride was super smart and wanted a healthy dose of color - and the photos definitely reaped the benefits! 

Take a look at some of the stunning photos below...


MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

HAIR: Vanessa of Vans Strands 

VENUE: The Langtree Plantation 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Lindsey Kyprianou

RENTALS: Old South Village Rentals 

FLORALS: Gray's Florist 


hughes-3hughes-15hughes-84hughes-160hughes-173 hughes-133hughes-141 hughes-154 hughes-230hughes-632hughes-626hughes-301hughes-603hughes-339hughes-376hughes-319hughes-446jenna-shaw-2hughes-1hughes-585hughes-601



Congratulations on a beautiful wedding, Jenna and Mac! 


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2016 In Review

2016 in review This year went by in what seemed like a crazed blur. There were SO many changes in our life this year - we went through a lot of personal growth, self reflection, "realizing things" as Kylie Jenner would say...but overall my takeaway from 2016 was to grab opportunity by the horns and take the incredible amount of insight, maturing (I blame parenthood) and lessons I learned from "The School of Life" into 2017. 

One of the things I like to do is to look over the past year in review. Writing them down is therapeutic in a sense and it's powerful to reflect on the experiences you've had, the trips and the people who changed you.

My own 2016 year in review looks a little like this...


  • I killed two birds with one stone and visited Dallas for some work and play! There I took a seminar with Kevin James Bennett, an Emmy-Award Winning Makeup Artist with over 30 years of experience. Watching him work was fascinating and he really knows his stuff. I also got the chance to receive business training with Megan Garmers, owner of MG Hair and Makeup and a Knot Pro Ambassador (top 3% of the wedding industry). She dropped some serious knowledge and reality checks to make us all more efficient businesswomen. The cherry on top was reuniting with all of my best college friends from SMU and going to homecoming with them like old times. The nostalgia was REAL and I was about to cry tears of happiness pretty much the whole trip! 
  • We moved to Charlotte, NC for a promotion with my husband, Scott's work. I restarted my makeup business, we became first time home owners and are navigating parenthood with our cutie patootie bubbie toddler Kathleen. :)
  • I set up my studio! I opened it a few months ago and do trial runs for brides and appointments for special occasion makeup. I've almost got it looking exactly like my dreams but it's still got some final touches in store (which I plan to share on this blog!)
  • I applied makeup for my first advertising campaign! My bread and butter is mostly bridal work, so it was incredibly thrilling to branch out. The makeup was for Scott Clark of Scott Clark Toyota - the final result was over 60 billboards across Charlotte. I was so proud to drive by them and I would be like, "thats MYYYY billboard!!!" and freak out like a total nerd/have a psychotic breakdown every time. I was actually proud of myself - a luxury I rarely allow myself as a perfectionist. 
  • I travelled back to my hometown, Jacksonville to visit family and friends for Christmas. We had an extra treat with my aunt, uncle and cousin staying from England. My aunt is the English reincarnation of me and vice versa - she is my true spirit animal if there ever was one! When you resonate with someone like that, it's pretty hard not to get ridiculously excited when they come to visit! I hadn't seen her since my wedding day so we felt ALL the feelings. 


  • I became my own boss. This year marked the first year that I fully branched out on my own in the bridal business. I'm doing all my own business plans, budgeting, advertising, insurance - you name it and am learning how to be a better businesswoman all the time. :)
  • I took risks. See above and you'll understand. But I also took risks in my relationships this year - I forgave some, let go of others and finally started putting myself out there to meet new friends in a new city. 
  • I got a RING LIGHT!! I know it sounds silly as a personal goal, but it HAS been a goal of mine to up the anti and get professional lighting for my studio and improved before/after pictures. 


  • that I am a people person at heart. While I certainly didn't just discover that I'm outgoing - I mean LOL I never stop talking - I learned how integral it is for my own happiness to get out of the house, engage with people and forge those deep connections and relationships. I truly crave getting to know people, learning of their strengths, desires, struggles...I learned from balancing motherhood and being your own boss that it can get pretty lonely out here adulting. I'm so much happier when I'm actively participating in the story of others, and they in mine. 
  • how much better I feel when I go to the gym on a regular basis. Seriously! I always feel so much better after going and automatically feel like I've gotten something checked off the list for the day - which is another mood booster. I'm still trying to figure out the best routine but it finally clicked that exercise may not be such a terrible thing and I actually need it to function properly.
  • that it's ok to let go. Let go of people who hurt you. Let go of the past. Let go of trying to please everyone. When you hold on to resentment, anger, fear, sadness--all those negative emotions-- it starts to add up and weigh you down. I've been ferociously holding onto a ball of my own and it's done nothing good for me this year. I'm learning that you have to forgive people not for them, but for yourself. 


I have a lot more in store for 2017 - I feel like this year will be filled with more certainty and confidence. Hopefully I will continue to do a lot more learning and growing too. 



What were some of your own accomplishments in 2016?

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Satahi + Kyle | Off the Beaten Path

off the beaten path I've waited with baited-breath to show you this styled shoot--shot at beautiful Craggy Gardens in the mountains near Asheville. Now it's officially featured in Charlotte Brides, (YAY) I'm finally allowed to pop off the top and spill the contents of this whimsy, ethereal love story. 

If you think our models actually look like they are in love--it's because they are. Satahi and Kyle will be getting married this June in California! They stunningly brought the shoot to life and Satahi hiked all the way up the mountain trail in her dress! The blush and navy tones were so striking and soft against the greenery, florals and mountain-field backdrop. 

For the makeup, we decided to go with soft blush pink tones to compliment the themes found in the shoot. On her lids, I mixed a combo of warm pink, shell and white tones to open up the eyes and maintain a fresh, natural doe-eyed look. I placed shades of espresso brown and black in the outer corner and blended it out into an angular, feline shape to give her eyes an elongated, almond look. The cheeks and lips were kept to the same soft blush color palette--with a bit of a cooler pink on the lips. 

Take a closer look at the wonderful photos and don't forget to check out our seriously talented vendors...

PHOTOGRAPHER: Megan Burnett Cantrell | MILK + HONEY photography co. PLANNER: Libby Sarver | Details Wedding Planning STYLIST: Jennifer Grano | Charlotte Shop Girl CAKE: Lei Cristine Garcia | The Wow Factor Cakes CONSULTANT: Therese Victoria Brooks SUIT: The Black Tux GOWN: Dar-Lynn's Bridal & Formal Wear FLORAL DESIGN: Aubrey Rich | Willow Floral Boutique CALLIGRAPHY: Kristen Henderson | Kristen Henderson Calligraphy WATERCOLOR SUITE: Champagne Maker RENTALS: Cooke Rentals - Cornelius, NC MAKEUP: Anne-Marie Mitchell | Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry HAIR: Jey Ramone | Salon de Coiffure SHOES: J Major's Bridal Boutique BESPOKE GLASSWARE: Hayden Dakota Wilson MODELS: Satahi Bevels and Kyle Roedersheimer

off the beaten path off the beaten pathoff the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten path off the beaten pathoff the beaten path


Congratulations Satahi + Kyle on your engagement and a huge thank you to all the vendors who made this shoot possible! 


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Nude Lipsticks To Try

Nude Lipsticks to Try I am actually one that loves to break out the nude lipsticks in colder months. Especially ones with warm brown, mauve or rose petal pink undertones. Straight flesh-colored, beige has never suited me with thin lips (want lip filler but I'm a baby) as it all but erases my mouth. Typically, colors like that don't look attractive on most skin and lip types since it tends to make the mouth look lifeless (think corpse bride). Having even a dash of color in the nude looks much rosier, healthier and attractive. 

These are a few of the nude lipsticks I have loved and used again and again for a long time...


If any nude screams fall, this one sure does. Its warm brown undertones look so flattering on all skin types. For a matte color this one is surprisingly creamy in texture and actually wears really comfortably on the lips. 


This is actually the creamiest, best smelling (think mango tropical paradise), most buttery-smooth feeling lipstick of all time. If I could justify the price tag, every single shade in the line would come home with me. The milky pink undertone is so feminine, light and simply beautiful. 


See that nude lipstick in the gold tube towards the bottom? Yea, the one that looks weirdly shaped? The sad one. But seriously, I have used this lipstick SO much and have bought tube after tube for myself and my family/friends. It just looks good on everyone. By good I mean do a double-take good. For a drugstore lipstick, this one is a must-have sort of find and I often choose it over my high-end lip products. It's creamy, comfortable, and a fantastic every day nude lipstick with pink undertones. 


This is a pretty good dupe for the Yves Saint Laurent shade I talked about earlier. It's reminiscent in its creaminess but has a glossier, more sheer finish (but with high pigment!) Like a lip balm, lipstick hybrid, I break this one out when my lips are chapped but I want some day-time appropriate color.  


Technically, I never use this lipstick by itself and more as a "topper" or overcoat as this one is just slightly too flesh-toned for me. I love to use it overtop a lipstick with a bit more color to lighten it or in the center of the lips to create the appearance of a poutier lip. I remember buying this one in Dallas from the flagship Makeup Forever store at the North Park Mall which is so beautiful. 



Tell me some of your holy-grail nude lipsticks! 

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Melissa + Jake

tessablackstone-7 Melissa came into my studio like a burst of sunshine--super enthusiastic, warm and down-to-earth. I absolutely loved dolling her up for her engagement session.

She knew exactly the direction she wanted to go with the makeup. We strategized the colors for her eyes, lips and cheeks as she described the theme of the shoot and her personal style. Funny enough, I actually had no clue her fiancé would be wearing a hat that would perfectly match the mauve/burgundy hued lip color we chose. It must have been fate! For the eyes, we went with shell, gold and browns to compliment the autumn season and her beautiful eyes. 

They chose a super sweet (and not to mention original) canoe engagement with a stunning lake backdrop. I'm in love with the lighting, romantic mood and peaceful scenery their talented photographer, Tessa Blackstone portrayed. Check out her original blog feature here. 

Makeup // Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

Hair // Salon 42 

Photography // Tessa Blackstone



Congratulations Melissa + Jake! I can't wait to see her again for her wedding day! 

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Luxe Holiday Makeup Gifts

luxe makeup gifts  

The holiday season is quickly approaching (like seriously--Thanksgiving is tomorrow?!) so this is 'round about the time my makeup spidey senses begin tingling with JOY at the thought of holiday gift sets. If you followed this blog last Christmas season, you will know my obsession with holiday gift sets (especially ones from Sephora). I perused on down to the Sephora website and my eyes did lay on the most beautiful sight. Gift sets galore and bougie ones at that! My heart stopped, I fell to the ground and I died happy. 

Just kidding. But I was not let down this year as the sets are looking just as beautiful. Some of my favorites and most anticipated include...

1 // Pat McGrath Labs Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Set 

I have been SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. for the release of these metallic pressed pigments! I am definitely planning on using these for some more avant garde and graphic looks (I mayyyyyy have ordered it on Sephora as a birthday present to myself mwuahha) The set comes with 4 cream pigments, 4 metallic pigments, a dual ended eyeliner and a mixing liquid. The mixing liquid is used for a special "liquifying" effect that when combined with the pigments, looks like poured foiled metal on your face. There's gold, silver, bronze and copper shades included. 

2 // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit 

When this beauty came out the whole makeup world rejoiced--an even better version of their original blush palette?! This palette is the "new and improved version" so to speak as it includes never before released shades and includes powder, bronzer, blushes and highlight. I have their original blush palette and if this is anything like it, the colors are beautiful. The light refracts in the softest, most flattering way on the skin. These are true luxury powders that create a soft focus and have stunning color.  

3 // Laura Mercier Layer Up Caviar Stick Eye Coulour

While these may be a cult classic, I'm including this special holiday version as its a good excuse for anyone who has never tried these out (including myself). I've heard only good things about these sticks, which delivers long-lasting color with an easy swiping application. They are supposed to be great as a base to layer up a smoky look.   

4 // Bite Beauty Lipsticks Amuse Bouche Lipstick Vault

Bite are among some of the creamiest and highest-quality lipsticks I have tried. The pigmentation, pretty fruity smell and comfortable wear make them a favorite of mine. This would be the ultimate luxe gift for a makeup lover--especially a lipstick fanatic. There's 38 shades in this set of good-for-you vitamin rich lipsticks. Packed with omega oils and nutrients, they are supposed to give weightless cover. 


These all look so beautiful--would you buy a luxe makeup gift like this for a friend?

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Tips From Your Makeup Artist Before Wedding Day

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-3-26-36-pm For my brides (and any brides for that matter) getting married in the next few months, I thought I would share a few complexion-enhancing tips to prepare you to look your best for the most special day of your life! Over my journey as a makeup artist, I have learned some key points that truly make the difference...


Whether its makeup, hair, nails, brows or spray tanning, schedule a trial for each well before wedding day to make sure each artist knows your style and can deliver your wedding day vision. This is also a great way to get to know each other and see if you connect before wedding day. Also important--you will see how your skin will react to the products and avoid big heartache. I once had a client who had a huge welt from a burn her eyebrow place gave her! Thank God it wasn't on wedding day but thankfully, she went early to trial their services. It's a beauty wedding vendor's job to make you feel pampered, empowered and stunning on one of the most important days of your life. A beauty team is so important as it protects your photography investment and ensures you will have stunning, timeless photos to look back on. 


Sometimes our skin doesn't react well to some lotions, night creams or hair products. Keep to products you know works great for you and if you decide to try out new products, do it several months before the wedding date.

For example, spray tan is notorious for being too dark, cakey and fake looking if sprayed on the night before or day of the wedding. For a beautiful glow that's not patchy, get a professional spray tan 3-4 days before. 


You will really enhance your investment in your makeup artist if you make sure to prep and take care of your skin in the months before the wedding. It takes weeks to repair damaged skin and make a noticeable difference in skin texture. Microdermabrasion or a few pre wedding facials might be the way to go for you as well. The makeup will have a beautiful canvas to lay on--making your photographs even more flawless and stunning. 



What tips would you add to my list? 

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Source: 1

Courtney + Bryant

cb-508 I had so much fun glamming up Courtney and her bridal party for her wedding day! We got them ready at one of their family members' beautiful homes, then did one last touch up and off they went to their stunning venue at The Gaston Country Club!

We chose to pop Courtney's eyes with a shimmery white/shell color on the lid and smoked it out with grays and blacks in the outer corner. Airbrush gave her natural looking skin with soft, petal pink lips. 

One of the best parts about being in the bridal industry are all the people from different walks of life you get to meet. I love hearing their stories, sharing advice and of course applying their makeup! Seeing the professional photographs afterwards is an added bonus--they truly paint a story of the day and capture all the joy and emotions. I have shared pictures of my brides via social media and my portfolio, but I thought it was about time I start sharing a more in-depth look at my bridal adventures on the blog! 

MAKEUP // Anne-Marie Mitchell Makeup Artistry 

HAIR // Studio Bride 

VENUE // Gaston Country Club 

PHOTOGRAPHY // Elizabeth Sloan Price of Stories by Sloan 

cb-71courtney-1cb-260cb-284cb-302-copy1cb-80cb-84cb-115cb-496cb-309cb-418 cb-436-copy1cb-450 cb-479cb-488cb-511cb-540courtney-2


Congratulations Courtney and Bryant!

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A Foundation Stick for Us Oily Girls

hourglass foundation Besides its sleek, sexy triangular packaging, The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick has a lot to write home about. I've been using this deliciousness for a few weeks now and I'm in love. It has totally replaced my Makeup Forever HD Foundation stick as my favorite stick foundation of all time. 

Some of its strong suits include full coverage that doesn't look caked on, fake or contrived and a stunning semi-matte finish that looks so beautiful on the skin. I like to apply the stick straight to the face and then use a flat top kabuki brush or wet beauty blender to blend. It blends easily and feels luxurious and creamy. Another huge bonus is that it packs double the amount of pigment when compared to other foundations on the market--meaning you won't have to add layer upon layer to get the full coverage you want.  


Normal and oily skin types will rejoice as this foundation is waterproof and super long-wearing. As someone who usually resembles an oil slick by the end of the day, this foundation amazes me. The first time I tried it I wore it from morning until very late at night and I remember going to the ladies room and doing a double take because my skin still looked absolutely beautiful. While my skin definitely wasn't as matte as first thing that morning, I had a sheen that resembled the natural look of skin. That day I had sweated, chased after our toddler and touched and swiped at my face multiple times. Fully expected to look like a wreck! 

Now for the cons. While I fully LOVE this foundation, the amount of product you get is quite small for the price. A usual foundation contains about 1 oz of product while this one comes up sadly short with only a puny 0.25 oz. So you get 1/4 of the product for a whopping price tag of $46. When compared to similar luxury foundations priced around $60-$80 it evens the playing field a bit--but still. Why God why. 

I'll be using this lovely stick until the final swipe but hopefully something comparable will hit the market that saves us a few of our hard-earned bucks. 


img_6670 img_6674


Have you found a foundation stick you absolutely love? 

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New Beginnings In Charlotte

new beginnings Gotta stretch my typing fingers--it's been a while. There are definitely some cobwebs and dust formulating on the blog, and it has nothing to do with the Halloween spirit. It's time to start blogging again since we have officially made the move and settled down into new life here.

What I mean by here is: we moved to Charlotte, NC. We packed up our lives and with toddler in tow, moved to a new state, became first-time home owners and started new jobs. For my husband that meant a promotion at work (yay hubby!) and for me it meant restart your business from scratch. While my husband's victories are my victories and vice versa, I'll admit I was scared, felt like I was taking two steps backwards, and ultimately fell into the trap of feeling sorry for myself. 

Fast forward three months and I cannot believe how things have changed. Perseverance changed everything. The first few inquiries I sent to clients went unanswered and I was so disappointed. What am I doing wrong? How am I going to set myself apart from long-time established competition? Some days I would feel on top of the world, like I had finally figured out the "secret recipe" to success. Other days felt like I was desperately and completely failing. After continuous mental pep-talks to myself (and from family: thanks dad), I finally allowed myself to see my own small victories. Focusing on the little failures proved to be the big thing holding me back.

Each time I got back up I felt more sure of myself, developed new goals and strategies and saw more business than I ever thought possible in such a short time. I've booked multiple weddings for this year (and next!), teamed up for a stunning styled shoot to be submitted to some BIG magazines and blogs, and actually had a (happy) mental breakdown when I saw my makeup work displayed on over 60 Scott Clark Toyota billboard ads all over Charlotte. 



I think it's normal to feel lost. We all want to succeed--to impress our family and peers, to have people say about us,"Wow she makes a difference. She is extraordinary." I think it's hard to see ourselves in that role and we trap ourselves through the eyes of comparison. We stand in our own way of being great because greatness involves many disappointments, a lot of work, and some luck thrown in for good measure. We don't make the leap because we are too focused on looking down at the cavern below us. "What if I fail?" "What if people think I'm a joke?" We look at people like Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey and assume that that greatness is for others, not me.

Greatness is for you. We've all just gotta make like Dory and "Just keep swimming."


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Spray-On Beauty Wonders

IMG_6552 Simply put, I love spray-on products. They are cooling, refreshing, a lot of them smell good...and there are ones today for pretty much every step of your makeup routine. Avid readers of this blog know I'm all about speeding up my routine lately and spray-ons are the multi-taskers that help me achieve this. I've got a great lineup to rave to you about, covering skin prep to the final touches of your makeup routine...

As a nutritious skin prep:

Urban Decay B6 Complexion Prep Spray- This spray covers a plethora of errs including reducing redness, minimizing pores and helping to absorb excess oil. It's packed with vitamin B6 (apparently the first stabilized form of it--go science!) I spritz this all over my face in the mornings before I apply my facial moisturizer to perk up my tired skin. Recommended for a medley of uses, for instance-- as a quick refresh during the day or as a beginning step before night time cleansing--this product seems to cover it all.   

Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic- I switch out using this with my Urban Decay Prep Spray listed above. I love both of them but I just love the overall smell and feel of this one a bit more. I feel like I can actually see my skin brighten or boost up from its previous, much sadder state. My skin instantly feels moisturized and relieved. It also works to rid the pores of excess sebum and is great for sensitive skin types. 

As a primer: 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water-  Packed with electrolytes and a makeup locking champ, I use this regularly as a quick, no-fuss primer to spritz on for lazy days. It can serve to refresh and set the makeup after application too. 

As a long-lasting setting spray: 

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray- The love I have for this product knows no bounds. This is a holy grail, staple in my makeup kit. The mister sprays so well and creates such fine, energizing droplets. It melts powder products seamlessly into liquid foundations and gives you a beautiful, polished look. My makeup always noticeably lasts much, MUCH longer when I use this as my final step. This spray is life changing and I feel like every woman should have this is her kit!  

As a refreshing pick-me-up: 

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray- I feel instantly transported to a beautiful spa or English rose garden with just a simple spritz of this. This is a staple for me in the summer months approaching. When I feel hot, sweaty (and just gross in general), I whip this bad boy out and it always saves the day. It smells like real roses and calms dry and tight feeling skin. 

MAC Fix+- This is the favorite multi-tasking product of so many makeup artists. It can be used before, during and after makeup application. It soothes skin and melts all the makeup products together for a finished look. 

I use all of these interchangeably in my makeup routine and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! 



How do you like to apply your blush? Any strategies to share with the class? ;)

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Moisturizing Lip Saviors

moisturizing lip saviors Valentine's Day is fast approaching and that means your lips must be ready for battle my friends! Whether or not you'll be smooching away this Valentine's, I've got just the trick for lips that need some serious TLC...

A tinted lip balm I'm just loving at the moment is Kari Gran Lip Whip. With a fresh peppermint aroma and a gorgeous, luxurious feel, it definitely lives up to its "lip whip" name. It seriously feels like a whipped, creamy topping to a dessert. Rich and moisturizing, it also lends a slight healthy tint to the lips. I have the color "Radiant" (the pink lip balm in the picture above) and really enjoy it. I leave it atop my bedside table to apply every night before bed. 

Farmacy Lip Bloom is more of an every day lip moisturizer for me. It's a thinner, lighter consistency than the Kari Gran Lip Whip but still does a great job keeping moisture in the lips. I apply it during the skincare portion of my makeup routine to allow it to sink properly into the lips before applying lipstick. They come in an array of tantalizing, exotic flavors--mine is "Strawberry Basil" and let me tell you--they hit the nail on the head. Notes of basil and strawberry equally peek through and the result is just lovely. 

If you need a powerful, deeply hydrating lip mask that does wonders for the lips, look no further than Kaplan MD Lip Mask. It really helps problems with dry, cracked lips. It also has anti-aging properties and acts as a lip primer by redefining your lip contour and "reducing the look of fine lines, infusing hydration, and protecting with SPF 20". I use this interchangeably as a night time treatment and during my makeup routine. There is a slight tingly feeling when applied, but it isn't too intense to put me off. The Sephora website says this is the papaya enzymes working. 

moisturizing lip saviors

Have you tried any of these?

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