Classic Day Makeup Using the TEMPTU Airbrush System

Classic Day Makeup Using TEMPTU Airbrush System  |

The idea of airbrushed makeup has always intrigued me. I've seen it used in magazines on celebs and heard my favorite makeup artists swear by it but have never had the chance to take a crack at it myself. So, when TEMPTU kindly asked me to try out their airbrush system, it was like being invited to have tea in Narnia--a chance to step into an unknown land--but a pretty magical and exciting one at that. 

I created a day look with the TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit that I thought was classic and sophisticated. It's something I would wear going to a nice brunch or day out with my girlfriends--something not too overstated yet something that makes me feel glamorous, glowing and confident. I focused on using simple, classic neutrals and browns with a lot of warmth to channel in the fall season. 

Classic Day Makeup Using the TEMPTU Airbrush System |

 Before receiving my airbrush system, I had always had the notion that any airbrush machine had to be this massive, clunky, monstrosity that made crazy loud roaring noises worthy of Godzilla or Reptar rampaging through a particularly unfortunate city. I was really pleasantly surprised at the small and relatively quiet TEMPTU airbrush system I received. I love how something so foreign and seemingly daunting could be made in a consumer-friendly manner for easy airbrushing at home. The setup was easy-peasy and I really appreciated the cute black stand to hold the AIRpods filled with product. Otherwise I'm pretty sure they would have been rolling around in my drawer or lost forever in the abyss. 

Classic Day Makeup Using TEMPTU Airbrush System  |

 I started my classic day look by applying the TEMPTU AIRpod Foundation in "Warm Ivory." This is a color great for light skin with neutral or warm undertones. Since I had never airbrushed before, I looked up a Youtube Tutorial to show me how to hold the airbrush gun and apply it to my face. I found that to get the best results, you should hold the gun like a pen at about a hand or two's length away from the face for even coverage. After turning on the machine, you can set the dial to pump out the product as heavy or as light as you would like. For the foundation portion, I found that the fastest but most effective way to apply was by setting the dial on the highest setting. I controlled how much product released at one time by holding back the nozzle at the top of the gun (you can see my finger holding it back in the picture). If you don't touch the nozzle then only air will pump out. 

I found that the airbrush foundation gave a nice skin-like appearance with a natural looking dewy effect. The foundation takes a while to set and fully dry so it will look wet for 10-15 minutes or so after application. I found that a great way to speed up the drying time is to simply pump the air onto your face without dispensing any product. Once the foundation dried fully it looked really flawless. The key to a great finish definitely lies in holding the gun a good distance from the face, using small circular motions with your hand, and avoiding the temptation to pump out a ton of product at once. Let it layer on lightly and take your time and it will look great. 

Classic Day Makeup Using TEMPTU Airbrush System  |

Next, I used the TEMPTU AIRpod blush in "Pale Pink." Despite its description, it actually has a nice warm, rosy undertone and was not nearly as cool-toned as I expected. It would look great with the warm mauve-toned Kylie Jenner lip color everyone and their cat is raving about this Fall or a browny-rose nude lip like the one I chose to wear. I pointed the gun towards the apples of my cheeks and slowly crept backwards to bring added shape and dimension just under my cheekbones. I found that the best way to apply this was to turn back the dial halfway so that the product would layer the blush much more lightly than the foundation. This gave me a natural, rosy cheek I was very pleased with. 

Classic Day Makeup Using TEMPTU Airbrush System  |

Classic Day Makeup Using TEMPTU Airbrush System  |

To complete the look, I clicked in my highlighter AIRpod in "Champagne" and kept the dial on the same setting I used to apply the blush. I tilted my face at an angle and sprayed the product in swiping motions back and forth directly on my cheekbones. I knew I wanted a really glowing, healthy appearance for my skin so I applied this pretty liberally in that area. I even used the gun to highlight the center of my lips to make them appear larger and under my brow bone for a highlighted, lifted effect. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 12.44.15 PM

 Now for a before and after to show you the crazy power of makeup (and the results of the TEMPTU airbrush system) The airbrush foundation covered my imperfections and freckles and gave my skin an added boost of warm color. The blush shaped my cheeks, added dimension to my face and made me look much rosier and healthier--again, without looking caked on. My favorite product was the highlighter for this system and I think it made a drastic difference in the glow of my skin. You can see that a combination of lipliner, lipstick and the highlighter really made an impact in shaping a filling my lips. Overall, I think the TEMPTU Signature Starter Kit did a great job in covering the skin with a flawless appearance. The key to a great result is just taking your time and allowing the products to set and dry for the appropriate time. 


Have you ever used an airbrush makeup system before? What did you think?





*This product was sent to me c/o the TEMPTU brand as a part of their #TEMPTUDaynNight Campaign. For more details, please see my blog's disclaimer.