DIY Inspiration Cork Board

DIY Inspiration Cork Board | The new dawn of 2015 is fast approaching my friends. New Years resolutions will undoubtedly be made--and many broken. I don't know about you, but becoming a more organized, less slob of a human being is top priority for me this coming year.

I decided to take action and create my own fun inspiration board out of an old cork board I had laying around. It's a fun way to keep yourself motivated, inspired and on track each day. I use it to hang ideas I might use for blog posts, inspirational quotes, reminders, and my home and work to-do list. Keep it by your work desk to easily pin things in arms reach and keep yourself organized with one glance. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


*Note- Do this project on a porch or outside just in case of accidents with the spray paints or glue

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Lay down some newspaper or magazine pages to protect the floor or ground outside from the spray paint. Place your cork board in the center on top. 


Shake spray can well then spray your first layer of paint over the board. I chose white as my first layer to act as a base for the more colorful spray paint to go over top. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Once the first coat of paint has dried for a few minutes, spray your choice of colorful spray paint over top. I waved my hand in zig zagging motions while spraying to achieve a sort of whimsical, cloudy effect with the white. I also splattered some paint in random areas of the board for a cool paint splattered effect. To seal it all in, spray a clear top coat to finish it off. Let the board dry for a few hours or overnight if you have done many layers of paint. 


Once the board is completely dry, measure out your washi tape to fit the length and width of the board. Apply a Krazy glue pen or wood glue to the borders, then lay your washi tape over top. Press on it with your fingers to ensure all parts are sticking. If you try to lay down the tape with no glue, it will fall off too easily. 

DIY Inspiration Cork Board |


Spray the back of your mini chalk board with spray adhesive and lay it down wherever you want on the cork board. Press down on it with your fingers to ensure it sticks well. I use my mini chalk board to write down reminders for myself that I want to get done that day. 


Use fun pins or adhesive dots to stick any sort of papers or pictures to your board. I chose fun Nate Burkus push pins to match the metallic look and feel of my board. 

If you're looking for more DIY awesomeness, take a peek at my DIY Pinterest board for lots of fun ideas:  Follow Anne-Marie Mitchell's board DIY on Pinterest.

Are you going to make your own inspiration board? If you do, tweet me what yours looks like at @amitchellblog or tag me on instagram: @annemariemitchellblog or #annemariemitchellblog. I would love to see your version! 




The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make

 The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make |

Stocking stuffers are the best excuse to give the tiniest, most adorable gifts possible. Maximize your little stocking space by packing it full of some of the cutest DIY stocking stuffers you'll ever make.


Make those cute, round eos lip balms even cuter by wrapping them up like little candies and stuffing them in a stocking. The tutorial I found is actually for ornaments but I thought eos lip balms would be even better! 


Essie has some really adorable mini nail polish sets right now that are the perfect size to throw into a stocking. Up the amp by putting a few mini polishes inside a decorated mason jar with a nail file and foot & hand cream and you've got yourself a little DIY mani pedi set

The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make |


There's really nothing better than snuggling with some hot tea. Make tea time cute for you and your friends by making these adorable DIY Teabag Tags with charms. 


Repurpose your empty honey bear pots into luxurious gold leafed vases. Girlfriends and family who love whimsy, unique home decor pieces will love these. 

The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make |


Make these precious DIY business card holders simply with some origami paper. Perfect for your "girl boss" friends who are bound to take over the world, but in style. 


These DIY polaroid necklaces are so cute that I can't even right now. Your Instagram and photography enthusiast friends might literally die from a sudden rush of cuteness overload. 

The Cutest DIY Stocking Stuffers You'll Ever Make |

Will you make any of these DIY stocking stuffers?







10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love | If black friday wreaked havoc on your bank account then DIY is the way to go gift-wise.

Even minus this problem--lets be honest--crafting is like, so fetch and basically the most fun thing ever. It's like killing two birds with one stone really. You get to have these awesome DIY presents to bestow upon your friends + bragging rights + super duper fun time. Plus, these DIY'S are ones your girlfriends will actually use and love. If you're ready to channel your inner Martha Stewart or so-RAWR-ity chick, then these easy-peasy DIY holiday gifts are right up your alley. 

Click on the pictures or titles below to be taken to the DIY tutorial.

DIY spa kit

Treat your girlfriends to a lavish spa night by creating your own sumptuous spa products including a scrub, whipped body butter and foot soak. 

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

Marbled Expresso Cups

The power of nail polish is apparently infinite. This DIY has me all heart-eyed with its gorgeous watercolored effect. I love how each cup varies in its beautiful swirling patterns. 

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts 

For your alcoholic friends. Tee hee. JK but seriously. Get the partayyy going with these cute little mason jar cocktail gifts.

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY camera strap

Make this gorgeous camera strap for your photographer/blogger/uber-creative friend just by using a simple scarf. 

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

Instagram Coasters

Scroll your bff's insta feed and make them some awesome, chic coasters with this fun DIY. It's a great way to hold on to some great memories (and drinks too!)

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY Gold Leaf Notebooks

These gold foiled notebooks are to DIE for if you are a stationary obsessive. Great for writing lists, reminders, journaling or notes.

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY tube bead necklace

Simple, minimalistic necklaces like these are so feminine and dainty. 

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY lip balm

Whip up your very own lip balms in different flavors for yourself and your girlfriends. 

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY Ring Dish  

These ring dishes are absolutely stunning. They look so whimsical with a dash of simple glamour.

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

DIY sharpie mug

Forget Etsy people. Making mugs like these are almost effortless and you can write whatever you want without paying a dime!

10 DIY Holiday Gifts Your Girlfriends Will Love |

Any fun DIY holiday gifts to suggest? 







DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums

 DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums | Terrariums are a fun DIY project you can put together surprisingly quickly, easily--and mucho cheapo. It's a great way to liven up a dull space and add a breathe of fresh air to small apartments or dorm rooms. If you don't have a back yard or garden, it's a wonderful alternative and a way to bring the outdoors inside.

You can build terrariums with many types of plants but cacti and succulents require the least amount of care (aka EASY and who doesn't LOVE easy). If you lack the green thumb and kill basically everything you touch--don't worry--these hearty plants are actually hard to wipe out. 

Grab a friend, throw a fun DIY terrarium building party, or give them as unique gifts. It's so fun to become a designer of your own little glass bowl world. You can create simple, chic terrariums or add dashes of eccentric color and figurines. 

DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums |


  • - Cacti and Succulent Potting Soil
  • - Assortment of cacti and succulents (different shapes, sizes and textures)
  • - Glass mason jar, fish bowl, candle jar or vase (with mouth large enough to insert hand)
  • - Pebbles or rocks 
  • - Small decorative pebbles or sand
  • - Sphagnum moss
  • - Spoon and/or small measuring cup 
  • - Small paint brush or makeup brush 
  • - Optional: mini figurines or mini holiday signs 


*Note- I recommend doing this project outside since it will get messy


Cover bottom of jar with a layer of small rocks or pebbles. This layer can be as deep as you want as long as it completely covers the bottom. This will create a water drainage chamber for your terrarium.


Cover pebbles with about 2 inches of sphagnum moss. This will ensure soil doesn't seep down in between the pebbles.


Use a small measuring cup or spoon to place potting soil over the layer of pebbles you just laid down. Place down enough to cover pebbles but not so much that your plants will peek out of the jar. 

DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums |


Remove some cacti and succulents from their pots (I recommend around 3 or 4 depending on size of your glass bowl). Shake off a bit of the soil so that roots are no longer constricted. Make sure that a decent amount of the original soil remains so that the roots can easily grow accustomed to their new environment. Arrange and place cacti and succulents on top of the new layer of soil from the previous step. Using a spoon, then scoop out some potting soil to fill in any gaps you may have until all plants are level with one another. Avoid packing the soil in too tight--keep it relatively loose so that the roots can easily push their way through the soil. 


When you have your plants planted and arranged how you want, dust off any excess soil that might have landed on leaves or in between cacti spikes with a small fluffy paint brush or old makeup brush. Run the brush along the inside of the jar to dislodge any soil stuck to the glass. 

DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums |


Add a thin layer of decorative rocks, pebbles or sand over the soil and in between plants. This will give your terrarium a clean, polished look.  I recommend white, gold or silver pebbles for a sleek, sophisticated look or bright colors for a fun, lively twist. You can even add small figurines or create a "theme" to your terrarium (like little dinosaurs for a mini Jurassic Park or a painted blue telephone box for a Dr. Who theme). I added a cute "Ho, Ho, Ho" sign inside of mine for a little Holiday fun. 

DIY Cacti and Succulent Terrariums |


  • - Use a glass jar with a wide opening instead of a traditional closed terrarium. Cacti and succulents like more air circulation and drier conditions than other plants. 
  • - Place cacti and succulents of different shapes, sizes, heights and colors  to create a more interesting terrarium with an array of gorgeous textures. 
  • - Use an old small makeup brush or paint brush to dust off the glass and dislodge any soil stuck to plants.
  • - Use a spoon to get dirt in crevices and tight places (especially with bowls with mouths on the side so you can reach back into it)


  • - Place your terrarium on or near a window sill that faces Westward if possible. Cacti and succulents fair best in bright or filtered light. 
  • - Water for first time after one week (to let roots heal) and then once every 2-3 weeks. Let soil dry out in between waterings. Do not water already damp soil as this will result in mold. Your plants may require more watering in hot summer months.

Et voilà! You have a beautiful terrarium ready to adorn your home with a bit of green happiness. Don't forget to tweet me your terrariums (@Amitchellblog) or tag me on Instagram (@annemariemitchellblog) #annemariemitchellblog


Are you going to build a cacti and succulent terrarium?