Life Goals & Dreams | Bucket List

I've been doing a lot of reflection about my life recently--looking back at my past accomplishments, mistakes and how my goals and dreams have transformed and shaped like a living, breathing being. A greater number of life changes have come flying my way in the past 3 months than in my whole life combined. Some daunting and petrifying, some exciting and truly wonderful--but all firmly gripping onto a vast array of emotions and responsibilities. There are times I feel as if I am blindly free-falling off a cliff with my limbs flailing in protest and other times where I catch my breath in wondrous awe like Harry Potter in his discovery of magic.
I feel it is best to put pen to paper when you want things to happen. Whether it is writing a grocery list or signing the constitution, ink offers a permanence that holds the power to calm the mind or set forth things in motion. I sat down to write this list in order to accomplish both. I want to grip this short life by the horns and start checking off the things that make me happy, inspired and driven. If you are wondering how any of this is remotely relevant to this little beauty blog, the answer is in the name. For so long I've wanted this blog to be so much more than about the superficial--the makeup, the products, the brands. "The Beauty Book" is also becoming about the little things I find beautiful in life. The things that are sentimental and meaningful.
My list includes dreams and goals both big and small. Short-term and long-term. Silly and serious. I'm letting the sky be the limit regardless of whether it is foolish or unrealistic. After all, you never know how life can surprise you. :)

List of Life Goals & Dreams:

- start my own makeup line/brand or develop my own product
- get a dog (or two...)
- raise kind, thoughtful children
- visit Thailand, New Zealand, Bali, Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, Hong Kong
- write a children's/fantasy novel or series
- have my blog featured in a magazine!
- work with a cool makeup brand on a fun project
- swim with a whale shark
- witness a miracle
- see Les Miserables in London or on Broadway
- record a demo/CD
- buy our first house
 - swim in the Dead Sea
- visit an Aztec Temple, the Great Pyramids, the studio's of my favorite authors, Machu Picchu, Palenque, the Parthenon, Versailles & Auschwitz.
- meet someone (or all) of the Breaking Bad cast
- run a fun 5k race--like the Color Run, etc.
- go to an EDM festival--Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra, etc.
-always write and send nice Thank You cards for small kindnesses
- be invited to the VMA's, Grammys, Emmys as a beauty insider!
- go scuba diving
- hit 1,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! (short-term goal :) )
- meet some of my favorite beauty gurus (Nicole Guerrero, Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, Amanda Ensing)
- do a fun video collab with one of my favorite beauty gurus
- re-visit LA
- play the new Fallout 4 video game (so excited!)
- go deep-sea fishing
- book a ticket for the next random flight out and make an adventure out of it
- go on a "second honey moon" with my husband
- take a cooking class
- see a show in Vegas
- take a class/workshop from a celebrity makeup artist
- visit the headquarters of one of my favorite makeup brands (MAC, Revlon, L'Oreal...)
- pick up playing piano again
- impact someone's life in a major way
- be a member of the audience in a tv show (like the Ellen Degeneres show)
- take ballroom dancing lessons
- grow my own garden
- overcome my fear of public speaking, needles and sky diving (not sure if I wanna get over that one...)

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