Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Nicole is one of those people. The type of person whose kind spirit fills a room with joy and spreads like wildfire. And although she is UBER-talented and could justifiably scream it from every Sound of Music mountain peak, she's humble too--just for the cherry on top. 

Nicole recently asked me to do makeup on her lovely model for her brand, Salty Treasures--a stellar women's fashion line with a specialty in graphic tees, unique handbags and one of a kind jewelry. I've mostly done makeup for formals, proms, weddings and other special occasions so a photoshoot for a fashion label got me pretty riled up.

For the makeup, I focused on creating a natural, yet still glamorous look to the model. I honed in on the colors of fall to make the look seasonally appropriate and bring a radiant warmth to her face. I used browns, golds and mauve shades to accomplish this. 

I am so impressed by the results of the photoshoot and the (also super talented) photographer, Stephanie Acar. She really brought the photos to life. I love how she really channelled the warm tones of the makeup into her shots and captured the model and fashion pieces in a natural-looking, non-pushy-advertised way. (Not a word but let's just roll with it). 

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

Photoshoot Makeup for Salty Treasures Fashion Line |

If you would like an in-depth makeup tutorial on this look on my YouTube Channel, comment below! If you would like to book me for any makeup service in the Jacksonville, FL area, checkout my list of services/pricing under the "contact" section of this blog. 

Don't forget to follow Nicole's fashion line, Salty Treasures on her Facebook, Nicole DiGiacomo Designs

Also, don't forget to follow the lovely photographer, Stephanie Acar for more beautiful photos. 


5 Eyeshadow Palettes to Crave | Fall 2014

5 Eyeshadow Palettes to Crave | Fall 2014 |

I'm probably more excited for this fall than any other that came before. Not only am I preparing for the birth of my first nugget of joy, but the palette scene is literally on fire. Yes, I am completely aware how sad a case I am--I'm excited for an entire season because of pretty makeup palettes?! I know, I'm too far gone to save at this point. The struggle is real and so are the palettes that are calling my name.

1.) Urban Decay Vice 3 PaletteI love the combination of colors in this palette and I find that I'm much more drawn to this third edition than the previous two Vice Palettes before it. It has so many rich, warm colors and the combination of looks you could create seem endless.

2.) Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude PaletteUGH. The beauty is just blinding with this one. The array of shimmery and matte neutrals and browns are just so gorgeously executed. No matter how many neutrals I see or own I just can't seem to resist or get over a good set of pretty nude colors. Of course, they are the easiest to wear day or night, but still. How many neutrals does one girl need? Apparently a hella lot because I'm fighting back the temptation to buy this beauty.

3.) Makeup Forever Limited Edition 30-30 Artist Shadow PaletteMakeup Forever partnered with 30 famous makeup artists and asked each to create their own eyeshadow shade for this palette. When you open up the palette you are greeted with all the signatures of the artists and 3 layers of eyeshadows. Each layer has 10 shadows with a different color scheme. The first layer has beautiful warm fall shades, the second has your every day neutrals, and the third has some eye popping brights. I would buy this palette in a literal heartbeat if it weren't for the price. You'll forfeit a whopping $250 for this limited edition stunner. If you do the calculation, $8.33 an eyeshadow isn't bad at all--especially for a quality brand like Makeup Forever--but I still just can't justify laying down that kind of money for a palette.

4.) Lorac Mega Pro PaletteThis is the only palette that hasn't quite hit store shelves yet. It's due to hit the market October 7th and I'm chomping at the bit, people. I heard about this palette quite a while ago and at the time people were estimating it would come out late November just in time for the holidays. I was totally surprised when it was officially announced to come out so much sooner and I can't wait to bask in its 32 glorious colors on release day.

5.) Anastasia Beverly Hills Tamanna PaletteAnastasia Beverly Hills have been spot on recently with their palette collaborations. So far, they have teamed up with several of my favorite makeup artists and Instagram icons like Mya Mia and Amrezy. Needless to say, when I heard they teamed up with the one, the only Tamanna (a.k.a Dress Your Face on Instagram), I died and went to heaven. I love the mix of every day neutrals with pops of exotic, but wearable color. This is very true to her personality and the essence of the beautiful work she does on her clients.

Any palettes I didn't mention that you've been eyeing?