A Foundation Stick for Us Oily Girls

hourglass foundation Besides its sleek, sexy triangular packaging, The Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick has a lot to write home about. I've been using this deliciousness for a few weeks now and I'm in love. It has totally replaced my Makeup Forever HD Foundation stick as my favorite stick foundation of all time. 

Some of its strong suits include full coverage that doesn't look caked on, fake or contrived and a stunning semi-matte finish that looks so beautiful on the skin. I like to apply the stick straight to the face and then use a flat top kabuki brush or wet beauty blender to blend. It blends easily and feels luxurious and creamy. Another huge bonus is that it packs double the amount of pigment when compared to other foundations on the market--meaning you won't have to add layer upon layer to get the full coverage you want.  


Normal and oily skin types will rejoice as this foundation is waterproof and super long-wearing. As someone who usually resembles an oil slick by the end of the day, this foundation amazes me. The first time I tried it I wore it from morning until very late at night and I remember going to the ladies room and doing a double take because my skin still looked absolutely beautiful. While my skin definitely wasn't as matte as first thing that morning, I had a sheen that resembled the natural look of skin. That day I had sweated, chased after our toddler and touched and swiped at my face multiple times. Fully expected to look like a wreck! 

Now for the cons. While I fully LOVE this foundation, the amount of product you get is quite small for the price. A usual foundation contains about 1 oz of product while this one comes up sadly short with only a puny 0.25 oz. So you get 1/4 of the product for a whopping price tag of $46. When compared to similar luxury foundations priced around $60-$80 it evens the playing field a bit--but still. Why God why. 

I'll be using this lovely stick until the final swipe but hopefully something comparable will hit the market that saves us a few of our hard-earned bucks. 


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Have you found a foundation stick you absolutely love? 

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I feel like I should be singing that Eminem song, "Guess who's back...back again? Shady's back...tell a friend...guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back..." (sing guess who's back a zillion times). Haha :p Talk about a blast from the past!
Well, I may not be as cool as slim shady but I am making a return to YouTube after a long absence. Life just got super hectic (graduating, wedding, honeymoon, moving several times, sickness, pregnancy--yea, crazy!!!) so I wasn't able to film but I'm glad to be back! This time I feel I have a much better setup with brighter lighting so I hope you like it! I am going to try to get on a filming schedule and have a set number of videos up per week. I still have SO much to learn when it comes to filming (lighting, camera setup and usage, editing, becoming more confident on camera) but I try to remind myself of the usual, cliché but true sayings that: 1. Everyone starts somewhere, 2. Try to enjoy the learning process, 3. Don't compare yourself to others. I feel like I'm starting over again from square one but I don't want my fears and insecurities to prevent me from accomplishing my dreams. I've just got to put myself out there, be myself, and cross my fingers I guess. :)
Now that I'm done with my sentimental rant, I can't wait to show you the goodies I've gotten over the past month or two from Sephora! I'm 8 months pregnant now so I'm looking a little more like a chipmunk each day!

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